Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park has been on our bucket list, so we decided to take advantage of the 3 day weekend and go over the 4th of July. 

I don't think I have ever seen prettier views. Everywhere we looked it was breathtaking. 

We stopped for lunch and look what was roaming right in front of our car!

We were walking to that gray looking mountain area when it started sprinkling and thunder and lightning in the distance. We decided we didn't want to chance being forever away from our car on the top of a mountain in a thunderstorm so we went back to the car to snack on all the food I packed and let the boys play. They think being in the car but not in their car seats is the most fun thing ever. Glad we decided not to risk it because it started pouring as soon as we got to the car. 

The next area we stopped at had geysers. There was a walkway but no rails and I was terrified of one of the boys falling. They said the ground around us looked completely normal, but it was thin and fragile and right below it was boiling water. 

The face of two little boys whose mom just explained all about thermal formations to them and threatened their life if they let go of our hands. 
(A lot to ask of two wild boys who've spent a ton of time locked in a car over the past 2 days!)

That color is insane in person. 

They did have rails in a few places...which just made them want to climb over ;)

After we got rained on, I was freezing so I had to get out the Yellowstone long sleeved shirt I'd bought at a gift shop the night before. Being July, I hadn't even thought about it being anything other than hot, but being so far up North it was pretty cool. 


Pulled over on the side of the road for some selfies :)

Stopped at a little gift shop area and Shep was asleep in the car. Holding my sleeping (biggest) baby never happens anymore. One tradition we have is anywhere we travel we always look for a Christmas ornament and a fridge magnet from that place, so that's what we were looking for at the gift shop. 

We walked around and stopped for ice cream sandwiches. Yellowstone is known for huckleberry and they had huckleberry ice cream sandwiches that were so delicious. 

How cute is Major eating his sandwich!?

Yellowstone is a lot of driving and there are a few main spots with lots of parking (like Old Faithful) land then everywhere along the drive they have spots to pull over for pictures or if you see wildlife and want to stop. 

Definitely one of the prettiest views I'll ever see in my life:

Our last stop was Old Faithful. We had saved it for last and had perfect timing. We got there about 10 minutes before it would erupt. Any later and we would have had to wait another 45 minutes or so to see it. 

Old Faithful!

Love taking our boys to these places, even though they are too young to remember. 

The drive home was so pretty and we even got to see a double rainbow. 

I love seeing God's beautiful earth and pretty views always make me cry. I can't get over that God could have made the earth black and white, flat and boring and we wouldn't have known the difference. But instead he made it stunning and colorful and different all over the world.  

This will go down in my books as one of my favorite weekends ever. 
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Bear World in Idaho

On 4th of July weekend, we decided to make the most of having a long weekend and go to Yellowstone.  On our way there we stopped at Bear World to break up the drive.  I am so thankful for the little perks that come with Joey's job.  We stopped at the Coke office in Idaho and picked up tickets for this.  We've gotten to do so many things that we would probably never pay for, because we can do it for free through his work.

Knocking Idaho off the ol Bucket List!

I had to ride in the very back the entire drive.  I think it started because I was passing out food, then I just stayed back there.  Shep and I entertained ourselves with Snapchat.

Bear World had a map where you could put a pin up to represent how far you came to be there.  Utah was taken care of, so we put up a pin for Lexington.

My sweet cautious child.  There was a petting zoo with animals roaming around.  He wanted to pet this little deer so badly, but had to work up the courage.

He did it!

Then you have Major:

Petting reindeer!

So Joey is always talking about how we are going to have chickens one day and I'm always like, "no we're not stop talking about it."
But then I saw these little things and decided maybe if they look this cool we could have just a few ;)

I have always wanted to see a mountain goat!

The bears were seriously just roaming around your car. 

It was about a mile or so of a drive through the park and you weren't allowed to go more than 3 mph so we let the boys sit in the front to see better.

After Bear World we drove on to our hotel, which was actually in Montana.  We stayed right outside of the Yellowstone entrance.

We freshened up at the hotel...

Then headed to dinner. We just picked the first place we saw on the strip because we were starving.

Across from the restaurant there was a train and the boys loved it.

We went back to the hotel to get a good nights rest for our day coming up at Yellowstone!
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Over the weekend

Getting crazy and posting twice today!

Joey got home Friday from a work trip to Arizona and we were all SO HAPPY.  Breaker was so sweet, as soon as Joey walked in the door he just stared at him grinning and when Joey picked him up he started kicking his arms and legs in excitement.  All weekend Shep and Major just wanted to sit in Joey's lap.  Never leave again!

Saturday my friend Becky had a baby shower, so Breaker and I went.  She lives in the neighborhood so we just walked down the street.

Breaker was so good at the shower.  Everyone was commenting on what an easy baby he is.  He was the only baby there (even though he looks as big as Becky's daughter in the picture below...but she's almost 2.  #chunkybaby) so everyone was passing him around holding him. #thirdbaby #neverwouldhavehappenedwithmyfirst

I love this happy, joyful boy!

The little outfit Breaker was wearing was Major's so of course I had to do a side by side pic.  Breaker at 5 months and Major at 6 months.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing, cleaning and catching up on Big Brother.  Anyone else watch that show? My favorite is Paul, and I love James and Natalie together.
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