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Three kids is H. A. R. D. It's kicking my butt. I've said before going from two to three has been my hardest transition and it's still true. So many nights I go to bed, praying for grace and to do a better job tomorrow.

I feel like I live in a koi pond, except instead of fish swimming around me, it's kids, and they all want a snack. 

Something I've noticed about myself is that I always hit my breaking point when it's almost over. Sometimes I hit a breaking point after it's over, from the pure stress of holding it together. I hit a breaking point last night. We went to the new house to meet with a contractor and talk about a few things we wanted to do. Before he got there Joey and I were trying to envision what we wanted and Joey was excited to talk about it, and I was like, I'm sorry I literally can't even make sense of the words coming out of your mouth. Like, my mind doesss nottt folllloww. The three kids running circles around my feet are too distracting. I'm super introverted, as in, I need some quiet alone time every day or I can't function. That will sound weird to anyone who is not the same way, but trust me, I know I'm not alone. (People confuse introverted with shy. I'm not shy, I just want to be alone!) Since 7am I've had three tiny people wallering me and asking for things and non stop noise. I can't.  My mind cannot get to a place of thinking without first having a minute of quiet. 

We have been living in complete chaos for two months. The finish line right now is getting into our new house. Its almost over. We're in a "furnished" apartment and we have none of our stuff. The boys are sleeping in the walk in closet on a mattress on the floor. 
I'm pretty sure if it were possible my boys would turn into chicken nuggets and iPads for how much they've had of both over the last two months. 
Since flying back to Kentucky on September 2nd, we've had TWO home cooked meals. Two. Spaghetti and tacos. We've eaten out, mainly fast food, for every meal.

I'm. Losing. My. Mind. 

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Frugal Fall Fun

Today I'm going to share some ways we get in the Fall spirit in our family...without breaking the bank. 
I love themed shirts and they've been wearing them all month long. I got these at Old Navy, where it seems they're always on sale.  These were $5 each!

Painting pumpkins
If you have kids, you've probably accumulated a ton of craft supplies. Throw down a plastic tablecloth or newspapers or even an old sheet and let them get messy. Paint, glue, glitter, feathers...whatever you have!  A few weeks ago my friend, Allison, planned a pumpkin decorating night for our kids. This is so fun to do with friends! 

Special Halloween Dinner
I love the idea of having a special dinners that you only serve on special occasions.  For the last few years we've made special Pumpkin Sloppy Joes on Halloween.  I like the idea of my boys looking forward to it and associating yummy food with special memories! Pumpkin sloppy Joes, sweet potato fries and all the candy you can eat is the menu for our Halloweens!
You can get the recipe in this past post.

Orchard Trip
A lot of orchards around here have play areas. I don't mind paying for the boys to play when I know it's going to keep them entertained for as long as I let us stay there, and they're going to go to bed easy! 

Coloring sheets
Joey printed off some Halloween themed coloring sheets for the boys. This kept them entertained for quite awhile. 

2 ingredient Pumpkin muffins
These are delicious, easy and cheap!

If you're feeling crazy you can add chocolate chips to the mix. 

A few other cost effective ways to celebrate Fall:

---Halloween/Apple/Fall/Thanksgiving themed library books

---Costume swaps with friends. This year Shep wants to be Marshall from Paw Patrol, which just happened to be his friend Grayson's costume last year. So we just borrowed his!

---Halloween pajamas 
Themed pajamas just make me happy. 
My boys are pretty much the same size so it saves me money on clothes...they can just share! This year I bought them pajamas that came in a 2-pack and purposely bought a size too big so they can wear them again next year. 

---Pumpkin spice candles/doors and windows open
My favorite Pumpkin Spice candle is the Walmart one. I just love it. This time of year you can turn off the a/c and open the windows, get your Fall candles burning.  The best! I like the idea of our boys associating smells with different seasons growing up. It's such a strong sense that is connected to memories so I like to have candles burning.

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So accurate

Me when I'm on the phone trying to pay a bill, except imagine one of the dinosaurs is screaming, "Mom!!! I have to poop!!!"

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All I do is hang out at pumpkin patches

We hit up Evan's Orchard for the second time this week, and we're only half way through October.  How many more pumpkin patches will we visit before Thanksgiving?? Only time will tell.

The boy's cousin, Matthew, was out of school this week, so my sister in law, Courtney, brought him up to have a play date.  My boys are obsessed with Matthew.  He is THE. Coolest.

Look at Major...mid jump!

Again...Major. G. R. U. M. P. 
I took his paci away for the picture and he wasn't happy. 

Two boys who know how to smile!

So many fun things to do!

Climbed to the top!

 When Shep saw this thing he said, "Mom, take my picture."
See, Boy Moms? Dreams do come true. 

I was in Heaven getting to have little photo shoots w my one child who can't argue it. 

Cutest 19 pounder in the patch!

Hello my handsome boy!

Just playing with some pumpkins. 

I could have gone all day. This orchard had so many perfect scenic spots for pictures. 

We had the best Fall day with Courtney and Matthew!

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Breaker as a newborn looked so much like Shepherd.  Sometimes we would look at him and feel like we were being transported back to 2012.  We kind of thought he had outgrown that, but we found a picture of Shep at about 6 months and couldn't believe how much he looked just like Breaker, still! Breaker definitely has his own look, literally the cutest baby ever, but he resembles Shepherd so much.  It will be interesting to see if he looks like him as he gets older.  I don't really think Shep and Maj look alike at all, other than their blonde hair and blue eyes.

I made some side by side comparisons, just for my own amusement:

(Breaker was either on the left or on the top of every picture.)
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Life Lately

So, we are still in our corporate housing apartment.  We will be here a couple more weeks.  But...the best news! We found a house! I'm going to wait until we've officially closed on it to share more details, but we love it and we are so excited!  They've set the tentative closing date for October 31st, so hopefully that date sticks and we won't be homeless much longer ;)

A few pictures from last week and our weekend. 

6 little boys and 1 little girl. Park play date!

When boys get together...

Went to see our friend Grayson and check out his new house. This is the view from his street. Beautiful!

Best friends! These two together make me so happy. 

Saturday...can't wait to get these boys in tennis lessons!  

Sunday, more park time with friends. I opened that large can of cashews when we got there and by the time we left they were almost gone. Cashews were a hit. 

These two are going to keep us on our toes! 

My little love.

After we left the park on Sunday we took Caity to see the new house.  Driving on Kentucky back roads...this view is what we moved home for. Love it!!

Ending our weekend with Sunday snuggles. 

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Flashback Friday :: Hilton Head 2014

This summer we went to Hilton Head with our friends, but I realized I never posted pictures of our last vacation to Hilton Head with the same friends. These were taken 2 years ago, in 2014! Major was 6 months and Shepherd was 2.5!

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