Our Go-To dinner!

We eat this meal twice a week! We love it.
I order salmon from the seafood counter, I ask for 4 pieces about 5 oz each. I have them package them separately (2 and 2) since we will be eating it for 2 nights.
People are scared to cook fish, but its really easy!

To prepare it, we place the fish on a baking sheet (skin side down) and brush it with olive oil, salt and pepper and a little bit of honey.

Bake at 350 for about 28 minutes. We often can't eat right when its ready, so we just turn off the oven and leave it in there to stay warm. I'd rather eat my fish a little dry than worry about it being cooked all the way through ;)

Some sides we like:
Mashed potatoes
Mac n Cheese
Sister Schubert rolls

We usually get boxed mac n cheese and Bob Evans mashed potatoes. (You really can't beat Bob Evans.)

Our favorite way to prepare the asparagus is just to brush it with olive oil, salt and pepper and put it in the oven for about 8 minutes.  I also like to sprinkle parmesan cheese over it.

For squash, I thinly slice it, then put it in a pan with olive oil, salt and pepper.  Then just occasionally stir with a wooden spoon.  I also will put red onion or red potatoes in with the squash if I have it. 
So good!

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World's Longest Train!

Shepherd loves to have me record him doing "Shepherd's Corner" like those YouTube videos every kid is obsessed with.
(Side note: Does anyone else think Chases's dad is a weirdo? You'll only know what I'm talking about if your kid is obsessed with weird YouTube videos.)

Anyway, a few weeks ago Shep and I spent hours collecting every single train we own, and setting them up to make "The World's Longest Train." It actually was really long, reaching from his bed all the way to the upstairs guest room.

Starting at his bed...

Through his bedroom...

Past his book shelf, set up with all of his books about trains, opened to his favorite page in each book...

Out his bedroom door, past Breaker's room...

Down the hallway...

Up the stairs...

Into the guest room...

Around the bed, and ending at "The World's Biggest Thomas."

Get this boy a YouTube channel, STAT!

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Easter Weekend 2017

We spent the Easter weekend at my parent's house. 
We went to church on Saturday night, just to make it easier on everybody! The boys didn't want to go to the nursery, so they went to the service with us.  They actually did really well.  Shep was so sweet, practicing writing his name on the bulletin and drawing a cross.

4/5 isn't bad ;) Shep for some reason always wants to chew on something during family pictures...although its usually Breaker's foot.

Most of our family pictures looked like this...

Opening Easter baskets on Easter morning!

We went to my Aunt Margaret and Uncle Dennis' house for lunch and an egg hunt.

After lunch, the Easter Bunny paid us a visit! How sweet is Major! He didn't skip a beat. Like "Oh, theres the Easter Bunny!" and ran right over.  Gosh I love him! Notice in the first picture, Shep hiding by the shed in the background. It wasn't until Joey told him it was Gigi that he would come over.

I love that my mom does this! 

Hope everyone had a good Easter!

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Good Friday

Happy Easter Weekend!
I LOVE Easter.  It's my favorite holiday because of what it means. Christmas is great, celebrating Jesus' birth...but none of that would mean anything if that tomb was not empty on Sunday.
Because of the PROMISE that gives us...eternal life in Heaven, without the pain we undoubtably experience on Earth...that hope is what I cling to.  It is all I cling to.
Every year I am brought to tears thinking how even if I was the only person on Earth, Jesus would still get on that cross for me. Nails did not hold him there, LOVE DID. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Its a GOOD Friday.

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Easter Egg Hunt at Shep's School!

Yesterday Shepherd's school had an Easter egg hunt for the kids and invited families to come for a picnic lunch.  Major was so excited to get to pack a lunch box.

I was so glad they let Major participate! 

After the egg hunt we sat on our quilt and had lunch with Shep's school friends.

Later that evening when Joey got home from work he convinced me to go to Tractor Supply to look at the chicks.  He is trying SO hard to convince me we need a coop in our backyard.  He talks about it daily.  I can tell you exactly what would happen...there would be some chicken emergency and Joey would be at work and I'd be chasing chickens around in my bathrobe or something ridiculous. No. Thank. You.

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What's your favorite stage?

Do you have a favorite stage for your kids?
I only know the "stages" up to age 5, but my favorite is the baby stage.  I love the newborn, 0-6 months age.  They are just so sweet and snuggly and I know this isn't the case for everyone, but all of my babies have been easy. Everything is so precious and pretty much the only thing they need is mommy. You can take them anywhere, you don't really have to worry about a schedule or anything, because they just sleep when they're tired and eat when they're hungry. You have the perfect excuse to stay in your house and avoid life ;) I love it :)

When I look at these pictures, I would seriously be transported back in time in a heartbeat! More so with him than the other two.  Just because having one newborn was a lot easier than having a newborn and 2 other kids ;)



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Shepherd's 1st School pictures!!

I literally screamed when I saw these the first time!! My little angel nailed his first school picture day!!

Side note: I had a different outfit picked out, but that morning he insisted on wearing his Thomas sweater.

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