Shep and Breaker

Shepherd and Breaker have always had a special little bond. When Breaker was born, Shepherd always called him "his baby." That bond has never gone away and Shepherd always is so protective and loving with him. Shep is not super affectionate with anyone else, but he always hugs and kisses Breaker. At bedtime he loves for Breaker to snuggle with him and he reads him books. We always put notes in Shepherd's lunch box and his favorites are when his notes are "from" Breaker. 

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Date with Major

I tried to get some one on one time with each of my babies before Chapel was born. One morning my midwife had to reschedule my appointment and with Shep in school and Jen already planning on babysitting Breaker, Major and I went to breakfast at First Watch. I love hanging out with this funny boy! And how grown up does he look waiting in line to pay our bill?

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My Model Baby!!

I can't with this face!!!

I'll let you guess which parent dressed who...

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Major's 4th Birthday

Happy 4th birthday to Major William!
Three year old Major has been one of the biggest joys of my life. He is the sweetest child I have ever met. He gives love and compliments so freely. He's easy going and polite and appreciative. He is fun and fearless. I've never met anyone like him. I thought he was going to be my wild child, but as this year has progressed he has become so tender hearted. My greatest prayer for him is to have confidence, to figure out who he is and go full force being that person. He is so special!!

Major wanted a superhero party for his birthday. We ate cake and opened presents and had the most disturbing decapitated pinata. I love celebrating this sunshine boy!

On Major's actual birthday, it happened to be his first day of "school." He started going to a local gym, just one day a week for 2.5 hours. The first half of their time they do school work type stuff, and the second half they learn gymnastics in the gym.

That night we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner, and Major loved being sung Happy Birthday by the waiters. I hope he always enjoys life that much ;)

After dinner we went home for cake and we all sat down to watch the "Major Movie" I put together. I just used iMovie on my phone to put together pictures and videos of Major over the past year. Look at his face! Joey and I were near tears watching him...he felt so special and loved watching a "movie" all about him, and his brothers were laughing and loving it too. So sweet.

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Snow Day

January 2018

The age when you spend a good hour getting them dressed and they spend 20 minutes outside ;)
Or in Breaker's case...a few minutes.

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My 32nd birthday

On my birthday this year our pipes froze and we spent the day dirty because we couldn't shower and also sweating to death because we turned the heat up to 80 and had a space heater going in our crawl space and I was hugely pregnant. I would end this by saying something nice but it was actually pretty miserable.
We did manage to get dressed and Joey and I went to dinner and ended the night with cake and my boys...but I hope next year is a little better ;)

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Christmas 2017

My mother in law loved Christmas and always put this Rudolph getup on her car.

These are the only pictures I got of Shepherd's Christmas program at school. He got to dress up as a camel. (Joey and I thought they really missed the mark not giving him the role of a shepherd, but whatever.)

We always spend one weekend before Christmas at my parent house. This year when we went on our annual visit to see the Christmas lights at the park, they had a train set up giving rides. Perfect!

Decorating reindeer cupcakes at Gigi and Pappy's house.

We always visit Santa when we go to my parent's house. Shepherd was not interested this year, but Maj and Breaker sat on his lap!

Annual night at Pop Pop (Don's) house opening gifts and eating lasagna!

On Christmas Eve we went to the candle light service with family.

Then we went home, relaxed, had dinner and watched Christmas movies. We decided to make it our tradition to have a charcuterie plate for dinner on Christmas Eve. We don't want to cook a big meal since we'll be hosting the next day.

And we left milk and cookies for Santa...

And read the Christmas story before bed.

Then Joey and I got to work getting the house ready for company the next day and setting up the boys presents.

The ONLY pictures I took of my kids on Christmas day. We go go go all day, I didn't even think about it. 

On Christmas we host both sides of our family. We made the decision once we had kids that we aren't going to travel all over the state on Christmas day. We have an open door policy that anyone can come and stay as long as they want, we just aren't going anywhere because we want our kids to be home on Christmas. We're very thankful that all of our family comes. When we first got married it was really hard trying to figure out how to do holidays. But you know what, everything changes and its fine. 

The aftermath:
It always takes me about a full week to recover from holidays.

I love Christmas!

One last thing...I decided to start Christmas scrapbook (I made a Thanksgiving one too). Something Joey and I LOVE is anything we think our kids will fight over one day, haha. I know our kids will all fight over who gets to keep the Christmas scrapbook.

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