A story about Major

So the other day, Breaker was napping and the boys were playing in the living room. Shep comes to tell me that Major has dumped an entire box of greasy crackers on the couch and floor.  I hurry and get the vacuum because I'm worried about them staining the couch and tell Major to sit down, he is in time out for dumping the box.  I start vacuuming, and when I turn it off I realize Major was no longer sitting there.  Sometimes when he gets in trouble he goes off to pout. I immediately wonder what new mess he's making or trouble he's getting into, and go into the kitchen, assuming he's in there.  He's not and I start calling for him and searching the house.  I search a few rooms and realize the front door is open and the screen door is unlocked.  I immediately run out of the house and start panicking.  I run to the road and don't see him (we live on a busy road, but thankfully a little far back) then I panic and run to the back yard, all the way to the creek in the very back.  It hasn't rained recently, so thankfully the creek wasn't high at all or I probably would have jumped in. I run up and down the creek and don't see him, so I run around the house the other way, screaming his name.  Shep is at the front door, and said he still hasn't found him inside. I search THE ENTIRE HOUSE.  My vision was literally going black and blurry, I felt like I was going to pass out I was so worried.  I wake up Breaker, thinking maybe he'd snuck in his room.  I look under beds, behind chairs, under covers. I go upstairs, twice and search every room.  These kids never go upstairs without me, so I really didn't think he was up there.  This entire time I'm screaming his name. I go back outside to look again.  I call Joey, and I feel so bad that I did, because he's already gotten one hysterical phone call this year when his mom died.  He said his stomach dropped and he immediately thought someone had picked him up in their car.  I go back inside and upstairs again, even though I'd searched twice.  There, completely underneath the train table, covered in toys, I saw Major's little foot sticking out.  He had heard the entire thing and stayed quiet as a mouse.  I picked him up and told Joey I'd found him (I was still on the phone with him).

Major's response: "I was playing hide and seek. You hurt my feelings."
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Lets Talk Bachelor

If you woke up this morning and mourned that its a Monday without a Bachelor episode to look forward to...you've come to the right place! Today I am talking all about The Bachelor ;)
We actually won't have to wait long for the next season...Rachel's season will air in May.  May 22, but who's counting.

This was a weird season.  I love Nick.  Like out of every bachelor ever, he's the only one I would actually want to date. But I just did not like Vanessa.  Usually you like the girls the more you get to know them...and she was the opposite.  I gave her the benefit of the doubt in the beginning of the season, but just the more we saw of her, the less I liked her.  Also, this season just felt so "produced" to me.  There was so much editing and situations that were handled to make the viewer feel a certain way.  I didn't like it and it just made me annoyed with the show.  Like if this was the first season ever, would I keep watching and be as obsessed as I am? I don't think so.

So I hope they last...

But I just don't think my man is happy.

Time will tell!

I can't help it, I just love him.

Just for fun, heres a little walk down memory lane for you!
I started watching this show on Travis' season, but I didn't really get invested until Brad Womack's first season.  Someone please do the math and
tell me how many hours of my life I have dedicated to this show.  I need to be on a panel or something.
To refresh your memory, starting on the left and going down.
Travis Stork (Now he's on The Doctors!)
Lorenzo (the Prince!)
Andy Baldwin (An Officer and a Gentleman season!)
Brad Womack (Round 1!)
Matt Grant (London Calling season!)
Jason Mesnick (my pick for the actual MOST DRAMATIC SEASON EVER)
Jake Pavelka (who remembers the theme song they did this season! Hilarious)
Brad Womack (Round 2!)
Ben Flajnik (The wine guy, also had maybe sex in the ocean.)
Sean Lowe (The virgin bachelor!)
Juan Pablo (Not sure they thought this one through)
Chris Soules (Prince Farming season!)
Ben Higgins (The Perfect 10 Ben season!)
Nick Viall (4th times the charm!)

Who is your favorite?  Least favorite?

My favorite bachelor of all time is...

Sean Lowe!

I just loved his season.  I wasn't expecting to.  But my favorite thing in a bachelor is someone who takes it seriously and asks the tough questions, and Sean was perfect.

Runner up:
Brad Womack (2nd season!)

I also love seasons where it is so obvious who they are picking.  Brad was never going to not pick Emily.  And I just loved the love!

Honorable mention:
Matt Grant.

I don't even remember his season, other than who he picked, but I remember loving it.  I think he was kind of goofy and I just thought it was fun.

Now, my LEAST favorite bachelor of all time:
Chris Soules.

He was THE WORST.  He could barely put together a thought, let alone a sentence.  His season also felt very "produced" to me.  Like there were producers behind the camera telling him stuff to do or go along with to make the show more interesting. I still don't like to see him.

Runner Up:
Jake Pavelka

He was also the worst, and is probably still in need of anger management.


Jason Mesnick

 The After the Final Rose, where he dumped Melissa Rycroft on national television and then asked to get back together with the runner up on the show, Molly.  DRAMA! I don't see how anything will ever top that.


Now for our Bachelorettes!
In chronological order, starting on the left, going across:

Deanna Pappas
Jillian Harris
Ali Fedowsky
Ashley Hebert
Emily Maynard
Desiree Hartsock
Andi Dorfman
Kaitlyn Bristowe
Jojo Fletcher

The award for My Favorite Bachelorette, ever, goes to:
Emily Maynard!

She was pretty, well spoken, well thought, and sassy.
I loved her!

Runner Up:
Jillian Harris

She was funny, had the cutest wardrobe, smart and fun to watch.

Honorable mention:
Deanna Pappas

I loved her! That was the first season of Bachelorette, and I remember Tressie and I being obsessed and planning everything around watching it. (Thank God we have DVR now!)

My LEAST favorite Bachelorette ever:
Ashley Hebert

So unsure of herself and so whiney.

Runner Up:
Ali Fedowsky

Also, whiney, and just kind of annoying.

And Most Dramatic Moment EVER award goes to:
Kaitlyn, when she had sex with Nick before they even got to the Fantasy Suite week. Now that was drama.

That's all I've got!
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Catching Up!

I haven't posted in 2 weeks, so today I'm playing catch up! Our weeks have been low key now that the cold is back (Boo) but our weekends have been super busy.  I don't think we have had a free weekend since we moved back 6 months ago.  But we love getting to spend so much time with friends and family, and everyone has a lot to celebrate.

Back before the weather decided to go back to winter.  The sunshine literally does so much good for my soul. I am in such a better mood when the sun is shining and also if my kitchen is clean.  That was unrelated, but I do really like a clean kitchen.

A couple weekends ago, the only (blurry) picture I got.  Playing with Grayson at Madelyn's birthday party!

Another weekend.  These are my Berea girlfriends. I was so excited to move to Berea, because of these girls! This night we went to dinner to celebrate Lindsay and Lindsey's birthdays and after we went to Target.  A moms night out dream! ;) We shut down the store (notice the lights are off) and between us I think we spent about $700.  This is why Richmond needs a Target! 
A Target and a Texas Roadhouse, and my life would get so much easier.

The next night...at dinner celebrating our friend, Tyler's, birthday!

Then the next day was March 5, Rhonda's birthday.  Our entire family and some of Rhonda's best friends went to dinner to celebrate her birthday.  It was a really good night and she would have absolutely loved it.  Like...gosh she would have LOVED it.  It just kind of reminds me and really makes me want to celebrate the people I love while we're here on Earth.  To show up, to be present, to be excited.  If you aren't doing that, I just think theres no point.

Joey and his sisters after dinner.  The sky was pink, even though you can't tell in this picture.  Rhonda's color.

After dinner, we went to get ice cream. I had to get a picture of the grandson's, because I know Rhonda would have insisted.

Blurry picture of Breaker, but he was looking so much like baby Shep this day.

Putting my baby to bed on his last night before he turned ONE!  Look at his sweet face.

Spent a Saturday celebrating Mills' birthday! This is my best friend and her family! Love them like none other!!

After our pizza lunch we went to the St. Patrick's Day parade.

It was COLD.

Running errands with Breaker on the night before his birthday party.  (Joey thought a vital errand was sending me to Lowes to buy switch plates. I wish you could use emojis on blogger.)  Breaker was charming everyone with this big grin. Seriously, look at the guy in the background.  

Shep got cupcake on his face and he said he looked like Pappy! Haha.

Well, there you have it.  Some random pictures from life since I last blogged.  I've got some more posts lined up, including Breaker's birthday party and One year old post, and some thoughts on the Bachelor finale, a heart stopping story about Major and sharing some thoughts on Shep starting Kindergarten and our decision about that. Whew, lots of riveting stuff! :)  
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11 Months with Breaker

I realized after I made Breaker's "chair picture" this month, that I am starting to slack.  One more month!  I can't believe he is almost one. #soclichetosaythat

Breaker has been teething so hard this month.  He's got his two bottom teeth in, and his top two teeth are taking their sweet time, along with a few others that are making his gums swollen. 

He is going to be a climber, just like Major. #Lordhelpme
This baby loves to climb up on everything.  (Confession: He's fallen down the stairs, twice.)

I would go on about some more, but I've started and stopped this post about 7 times in the past 5 minutes and Shepherd and Major have colored their entire bodies in markers and opened about 15 different snacks and had multiple injuries while I've tried to write.

Some favorite photos from his 11th month:

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