Chapel is ONE!

My sweet precious angel girl. I prayed for a daughter, but didn't know if I would ever have one. She is the perfect bookend to our family. I love that she has three older brothers to look out for her and take care of her. I pray that she accepts Jesus into her heart early in life, that she always has confidence in herself, that she knows who she is and spends her life becoming the most vivid version of herself, that she finds her worth in God's love for her and doesn't search for it anywhere else, that she will always feel comfortable talking and confiding in me, that she makes good friends and good decisions. Also please let me be in the delivery room with you when you have babies :)
Happy birthday my Chapel girl. I love you forever.
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Major's 5th Birthday Party

We had Major's 5th birthday party at a local gym and invited all of the kids in his preschool class. This was the first time we haven't hosted a party at our house and it was kind of nice to not have to stress about cleaning and getting everything together the night before! Winter birthdays are so hard because the weather is so unpredictable, and there was a big snow storm on the day of his party.
This was the same gym where Major went to a little 1 day a week play school last year, so he was excited to go back. 

Side note, this little girl in the middle is who Major has called his "girlfriend" all year. Is she not the cutest thing. Her mom told me she talks about Major all the time. Major always says he's going to marry her.  

Look at how they're looking at each other in the pic. She's the one with the big red bow. I sent it to her mom and we agreed they are the cutest little preschool lovebirds ever!

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What Chapel Wore - Month 12

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11 Months with Chapel Raines

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What Chapel Wore - Month 11

So apparently Chapel hardly got dressed this month? Actually that's not surprising because we have barely left the house. I don't get her "dressed" unless we are going somewhere so most of the time she is just wearing a little sleeper everyday. Someone in our family has been sick since the beginning of November, and almost this entire month it was me so we've been hibernating.

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10 Months with Chapel Raines

When I posted this picture on social media, I had a few people message me thinking "size 5" was a mistake. Nope, she's just giving Big Booty Judy a run for his money. This month she had her first ear infection, along with her first tooth. She sleeps through the night (woohoo!) and naps 3x a day. Usually around 10am, 1pm and 4pm. Then bedtime at 7:30 on average, but sometimes as early as 6:30.
She celebrated her first Christmas at 10 months old and is just the sweetest little angel.

A few pictures from this month:

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What Chapel Wore - Month 10

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