I hope you're ready for Wedding Pics!

I have had a loooong hiatus on account of GETTING MARRIED!!!

Getting ready:

My super cute hubby and gorgeous new sisters! This is a better picture of the bridesmaid's dresses! Almost my favorite part of the whole wedding. The one Courtney (far left) is wearing is my favorite!!!

Courtney with her son, my nephew Matthew. His suit matched the groomsmens, so cute!!

All of my beautiful BM, for some reason their dresses look really shiny in this picture.

My dad walking me down the aisle. His nose is red from crying! I somehow managed to get through the ENTIRE day without shedding a tear. Weird. I loved my bouquet!!

Reading my vows. We wrote our own. It was sweet. Everyone cried.

Married! :

I love this picture! You can tell that we had a candlelit ceremony!

Walking into the reception. I loved my fur wrap I got at an antique store! And it was freezing that day.

First dance:

Dancing with my BFF to our song, Taylor Swift's "Only me when I'm with you"

I just want to take a minute to brag about our wedding cake. On of our groomsmen made it for us, he had never done a wedding cake before and it was AMAZING! First of all it was huge, which in my opinion bigger is always better! It was white cake with peach filling and strawberry filling in alternating layers. And to top it off he used Joey's Grandma's preserves, which she LOVED.

I plan on resuming my blogging, so I hope I still have friends out there and sorry for the long break!!!
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