I love...God, and knowing that He is always there for me, my perfect husband, my wonderful family, my beautiful friends, Noah's beard in THE NOTEBOOK, boys who open doors for girls, getting real mail, coloring, fresh flowers, Elvis, Priscilla, and Graceland, chapstick, small inspirational books, In Touch Weekly, sweatpants and no makeup, pink lemonade but only when my mom makes it, hugs, old Nickelodeon, laughing, museums, art projects, surprises, using my Speedy Rewards card, beautiful Fall days, close parking spots, random acts of kindness, reality tv, baptisms, when you get the perfect Dr. Pepper, any type of bread or cracker, unpacking Wal-Mart bags, witty people, the commitment clutch, seeing people worship, taking walks at night, my beautiful cat - Lacy Baby, getting dressed up and having someone to get ready with, gold jewelry - except for not my engagement ring, black yoga pants, previews before the movie, dressing comfortable, old couples holding hands, good morning text messages, making lists, dancing, vintage, recycling, the South, people who are enthusiastic and who GET EXCITED! about things, the guy that juggles for Little Caesar's on Tates Creek, front porches, watching it rain, Australian accents, pumpkin scented candles, having pictures of everything, Diet Dr. Pepper in a can...Mmm i love it, going to the Peddlers Mall with Joey, my sweet little sister, chronological order, Lauren Bacall & Humphrey Bogart, a clean room, pretzels at Pazzos, bargain hunting with Joey, dancing with Tressie, O'Charleys, listening to the same song over and over again, when Hallie tells me I'm being a bitch, Gone With the Wind, The Kardashians, men in sweatervests of cardigans, exposed brick, Blue & Chauncey!

I hate...clear bra straps, people who make up stories/facts, bad waiters, hypocrisy, driving, Ranch dressing, K-Mart, crickets, tea, deep dark water, when people spell things wrong on purpose, people dressed up like animals, bobble heads, when people use the Lord's name in vain, ridiculous gas prices, germs, when people don't use their turning signal, terra cotta, policeman that do not use their turning signal, when your sock comes off of your foot inside of your shoe, the feeling I get when I am speeding and see a cop, the person that found my camera when I lost it and chose not to return it, people who think you care about the dream they had last night, minor changes in my life & messed up blankets!
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"I never consider myself a finished product."
-Michelle Obama

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