Excited to announce...

Joey and I decided to rent out a Peddler's Mall booth
and it opens

Does anyone else have a Peddler's Mall in their town? I know a lot of the surrounding towns here do but I'm not sure if its all over. Peddler's Mall is basically just a flea market and you can rent a booth and sell whatever you want. Joey and I went recently and rented one out.
Its just a month to month thing so we aren't tied to it. We just went through our garage and had 165 items to sell and if they sell for what we priced them for we would make over $500!
We plan on selling mainly things for the home. We like to find things and fix them up. Also I think if we can just display something in a different way people will see different uses for
everyday things. We have been working on making price tags and are going to go there tomorrow when we get off work to put everything together.

We bought this stamp pad when we were in Brown County.

Working on making our price tags.

Finished product. Cute, right?

If anyone lives in Lexington come out to the Peddlers Mall Booth #391!

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  1. How exciting! The Peddler's Mall is one place I miss so much from Kentucky! I haven't discovered any in California (yet)... My mom and I used to go all the time and I have some refinished Peddler's Mall furniture in our apartment that we brought from KY when we moved. So fun! I hope you guys make lots of sales!!