Home Inspiration: Wallpaper

I LOVE wallpaper. I wish we had some in our house. Eventually we will but I feel like that is something I might want to wait and put in a house we will be in for a longer time. I don't see wallpaper being a big selling point. Here are some fun ones I've come across:

(i think all) found via:

Also, Nate Berkus has a spot on his website explaining how to make wallpaper out of fabric. That might be an easier, less permanent option. This is a picture from The Nate Show's website showing fabric used as wallpaper:
They got that here:

When I was in college I had a big tapestry/sheet hanging on one wall of my bedroom.

Like the tapestry Nate used, Urban Outfitters has some good options for this.

P.S. Does anyone know how I can get that annoying photbucket symbol off my background??


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