Thanksgiving Trip

My mom's side of the family decided to take a trip this year for Thanksgiving so we could all spend some quality time together. We went to Nashville, IN...or also referred to as Brown County, IN. It is a little artist and craft town kind of like Gatlinburg, TN. Joey and I have our own condo, my parents are sharing a condo with my sister and Grandma and my aunt and uncle have a condo with their kids. Out of the three ours was the cutest. At places like this you have to decorate with woodsy, cabin-esque decor and it is so cozy! I love our fireplace. Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the shops but here are some pictures of our condo.

"Together is the best place to be"

My husband, my sister and me...they didn't want to take pictures.
Now they are smiling!

If anyone is interested in traveling to Brown County, we stayed here.

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