Tara and Jessica Take Memphis

My friend Tara and I spent the weekend in Memphis. We went because she was running in the Memphis Marathon for St. Jude. 26.2 miles, wow!!
Being in Memphis, we had to go see Graceland. I have a small obsession with Elvis or actually more Priscilla. If anyone is interested I would recommend reading this:

Across the street from Graceland.
Outside his jet, the Lisa Marie.
Tara with the Pink Corvette.
Tara and I in front of Graceland.
In front of the living room.
Dining room.
Upstairs. They won't let anyone go upstairs out of respect.
The kitchen. This is my favorite room because I know how much
people like to hang out in the kitchen!
Jungle room.
Jungle room again.
Pool room.
In the basement. Elvis had 3 televisions so he could watch 3 news channels at one time.
Wedding clothes.
Gold suit!

I didn't get any pictures of Tara crossing the finish line in the marathon because I made a video instead. But she did a great job!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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