Is there something wrong with me...

if I just spent the last 20 minutes looking up Emily from the Bachelor and her fiance that died in the plane crash?? If anyone else wants to see, go here. There is a slideshow of them together. Can't wait for Monday nights episode!

Also, recap of last night. Joey had a meeting so while I waited for him to get out I took myself on a little "Me Date" as I like to call it. I went to Cosi and ate dinner and read my book, then stopped by Old Navy but they didn't have anything I liked. Then Joey got out early so we went to see Blue Valentine! Does anyone else ever get so excited about something that you are almost anxious because you want to enjoy it so much? Thats how I felt about this movie. It was awesome, I would definitely recommend it. I'm not going to give any spoilers, but Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams both gave amazing performances. It was playing at Kentucky Theatre here in Lexington. I don't know if the main movie theaters will get it or not. Hopefully it will come to your town!
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Blue Valentine

The movie Blue Valentine has finally made its way to Lexington. I have been checking the movie websites practically everyday waiting for it to come up. I've tried to not read any reviews of it...I like to wait and form my own opinion and not have any idea what is going to happen. Anyway, as long as Joey gets out of his work meeting in time tonight we will be going to see it! I'll let you know how it is! If you haven't seen the trailer yet, watch it here.

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Snow Bunny

Forecast is calling for more snow in Lexington.
I'm just hanging out with my little snow bunny, Chauncey.
He's so cute.

Happy Tuesday!!
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Kourtney & Kim

Take New York!
I. love. the. Kardashians.
I wish I was married to Rob. (Sorry hubby).
Tonights episode was great, but what I'm really concerned about is the pajamas they both wore. Kourtney had a matching pant and shirt combo in leapord print and Kim had one with colorful stripes and black hearts. Did anyone else notice their pjs? I want a pair so bad. I tried to find a picture and I couldn't. I'll let yall know if I find a pair!
They must like pajamas like that because they wore them at Christmas too.
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Green & Yellow Green & Yellow

Although my last two posts do nothing to prove this, I'm really not a sports girl.
As proven by the fact that even though the Packers are playing now, I am switching back and forth between the game and the Real Housewives of BH finale. I just want the Packers to win so my dad will be happy! :)
P.S. I can't decide whether I hate Camille or feel sorry for her. And people with personalities like Kim drive. me. crazy. She takes no responsibility for herself.
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Update: We won!
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Golden Globe Favorites

Angelina: Stunning...I love the vintage vibe.
Lea Michele. That color is gorgeous.
I have a girl crush on Claire Danes. I think she is so pretty.
Same here. Mila Kunis.
Anne Hathaway, styled by Rachel Zoe.
If I went to the Golden Globes I would want to wear something like this: Scarlett
Except I don't like her hair but I love that color!
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Happy Birthday to my baby girl Blue.

My littlest pup turns 1 today.
Happy birthday Bluebie!

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Could Blake Lively be any more adorable??? I love the turquoise earrings with the dark purple dress. Serena can do no wrong in my eyes! ;)

P.S. I can't wait to see The Town, have any of you all seen it?
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OWN Show Review

Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes
Fridays 8/7c
I love this show! It really seems like they are not holding anything back. Joey and I were watching it and just kept saying, "What if you work for Oprah?" Well this is probably the closest we are going to get! Who wouldn't want to know what its like to work for her?? Also its just exciting to see how Oprah lives day to day...getting up so early and being driven to work. We wondered what time it was because she was up for work and being driven to the Harpo studios and there wasn't anyone on the road. She must be exhausted!

In the Bedroom with Dr. Laura Berman
Again, I love this show. I mean really all you need to know is it is other people talking about their sex life. Who doesn't want to hear about that, am I right?!
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Happy Birthday to Me!

I am 25 today.
Old lady ;)
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The Final Rose???

Will it be Emily, the "coal miners daughter" from West Virgina, transplanted to North Carolina...with the boyfriend (husband?) who died in a plane crash, and only a few days later did she find out she was pregnant with his child??

She was our favorite from the first episode...what did you all think??

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3 Things I am excited about...

Right this second.

1. I called and added OWN to our cable today. Can't wait to start watching!

2. You may remember me talking about our Peddlers Mall booth. Today we get to go pick up our check from the month of December. We ended up making a great profit for our first month!

3. The return of The Bachelor...Brad is back. I didn't really care for Brad, not necessarily because he didn't pick anyone but just because he was so weird about it. Why would he not have picked one of the girls and just tried dating in the "real world"? But The Bachelor can do no wrong in my eyes...I will watch every episode no matter what. We always have friends over on Monday nights and take turns cooking dinner for everyone.
Hope everyone else is having a happy Monday!
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Resolutions: 2011 Edition

The best thing that happened for us in 2010 was that both Joey and I got new jobs that we love. We both spent the longest time working jobs we hated, that having a job I love still doesn't feel real. I guess thats a good thing? That way I am still thankful everyday. Tomorrow is my first day back to work since Dec. 22nd! It has been so nice having paid time off, that I didn't even have to use personal days for!

Looking forward to 2011.
I have the same resolutions every year, the main one being to by the next year make a slight improvement on each goal.

1. Be a put together person.
I want to send people cards in the mail on their birthdays, not let the laundry build up, actually cook something to bring to a party instead of stopping by Kroger...etc.

2. Read more books.
Working on that now...currently reading Jane Fonda's autobiography (I know thats weird) and have Water for Elephants waiting for me after that.

3. Learn how to cook.
I know I'm not going to "learn how to cook" so by that I mean, "be able to cook a few meals."

4. Be better at saving money.
Gotta stop those bi-weekly trips to Target! ;)

5. Go to church on a regular basis.
6. Wear the clothes in my closet.
I have so many things I never wear!

7. Redo the bathroom.
We haven't done anything to the bathroom since we moved in and I am ready to change that.

Well, I am off to church, wearing a shirt and necklace I usually wouldn't have worn ;) I'm doing pretty good so far!
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