Resolutions: 2011 Edition

The best thing that happened for us in 2010 was that both Joey and I got new jobs that we love. We both spent the longest time working jobs we hated, that having a job I love still doesn't feel real. I guess thats a good thing? That way I am still thankful everyday. Tomorrow is my first day back to work since Dec. 22nd! It has been so nice having paid time off, that I didn't even have to use personal days for!

Looking forward to 2011.
I have the same resolutions every year, the main one being to by the next year make a slight improvement on each goal.

1. Be a put together person.
I want to send people cards in the mail on their birthdays, not let the laundry build up, actually cook something to bring to a party instead of stopping by Kroger...etc.

2. Read more books.
Working on that now...currently reading Jane Fonda's autobiography (I know thats weird) and have Water for Elephants waiting for me after that.

3. Learn how to cook.
I know I'm not going to "learn how to cook" so by that I mean, "be able to cook a few meals."

4. Be better at saving money.
Gotta stop those bi-weekly trips to Target! ;)

5. Go to church on a regular basis.
6. Wear the clothes in my closet.
I have so many things I never wear!

7. Redo the bathroom.
We haven't done anything to the bathroom since we moved in and I am ready to change that.

Well, I am off to church, wearing a shirt and necklace I usually wouldn't have worn ;) I'm doing pretty good so far!

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