Philosophy of my Life.

Two of my favorite quotes. This sums up my philosophy for my life.

"I never consider myself a finished product."
-Michelle Obama
(Glamour article, I think)
Another quote I like to go along with that,

"To do life right, you have to feel like you are growing up until the day you die."
-Jane Fonda

I want to always feel like I am growing and changing and learning. I want to always find new inspirations and think outside of the box. Do any of you all have a philosophy for your life?
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Are you all ready?

To meet my awesome friend Catherine?
Catherine started her own blog, found here.
Cat moved to the big city, (the real big city: NYC). If you follow her blog, you may get to live vicariously through her as she shares with you how she frequently sees hot celebrities on the street. Who would be the hot celebrity you would want to see? You probably were thinking she saw someone hot, but relatively not that exciting right? Someone like:
Now, don't get me wrong, he is nice to look at it, but when she reminded me who he was, she said, "Remember Sweet Home Alabama?"
Now, what if I was to tell you, she was trapped on a train with none other than our 2011 Oscar Host? Now, that was an exciting phone call. Including a too long...completely normal conversation about whether I would have forgotten my marriage vows and asked Mr. Franco to follow me back to my apartment. The consensus was obviously no...followed by nevermind, YES.

Now, if that isn't enough to convince you go follow Kitty, maybe this will convince you. I lived with Catherine for two years in college, and during those years I got to see first hand her ability to find amazing things/create amazing things/be awesome. She always finds hilarious youtube videos, great new songs, has been known to create fake wedding invitations for me that may or may not have hung on my dorm mirror until I met Joey and it was a little embarrassing, she someone made this:
into a life long inside joke.
Enough reasons to follow her yet? You need one more?
OK well luckily I saved the best for last. You may remember my obsession with Kim's pajamas. Well, trust me when I say I spent way longer than I should have searching the internet for these doll babies. Yet, I had no luck. So please explain to me how about 20 minutes after my second plea for help did Catherine send me this link???
She found my Kimmie K PJ's!!! Whoop Whoop! Now unfortunately they are no longer selling them, but I will definitely be checking the Victoria's Secret website obsessively to see if they bring them back. I may or may not send customer service some desperate begging emails. I've been known to do that.

So, I hope you will head on over to Ivory Aphrodite and follow Catherine!

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I hope I'm this cute when I'm old.

Today I was working in a senior center, and I sat down to talk to this one precious woman, probably in her 80s. She was so sweet, she kept holding my hand and patting my arm. She kept joking around with the bingo caller, saying they must have something against her because they wouldn't call anything on her card. She was wonderful. As I was getting up to leave, she grabbed my hand and said, "Can I tell you something?" I sat back down. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Today is my birthday." I could have died. I want to cry just typing this. It was just such a nice moment. She was so happy and just wanted someone to know. I asked her if everyone had sung Happy Birthday to her yet. She acted a little embarrassed like she didn't want to make a big deal about it. She said her family was coming up to take her out to dinner tonight. Thank goodness, I really would have died if the hi-light of her birthday was a bingo game. As I was getting ready to leave I told her Happy Birthday again. She said, "Thank you, I'm 38."
Really? Precious.
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Kim's Pajamas

You may remember this post about my obsession with Kim and Kourtney's pajamas. Well, they made another appearance in the latest episode, reigniting my need for these pjs. This coming from the girl who got Kim's perfume without even smelling it, just because. Duh, its Kimmie K!
I found this picture on Kim's Twitter:

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My husband pretty much is obsessed with me and in a quest to be more like me he decided to start his own little blog.

I am pleased to introduce to you my wonderful, interesting, talented, hilarious husband:

Plus, he lets me do things like have our wedding pictures taken in my favorite antique store so I can play dress up.

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Bathroom Inspiration

Last week I was teaching in a school and the teacher had a ton of old magazines. While I waited for her to get ready I was looking through the Winter 2007 issue of Oprah at Home magazine and came across this picture:

Thank God I was able to find it online. I was worried I would never see it again and I thought about slipping the magazine in my purse but I was worried a student would tell on me. Really professional.

Luckily I found it and am not headed toward a life of petty crime. Anyway, I love this picture. We have not done anything to our bathroom yet and I want to use this picture as our inspiration. I am obsessed with the chocolate brown and black and white stripes. Maybe black and white striped towels?
What do you all think?

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American Saturday Night

Texas Roadhouse for my current favorite meal...Salad with extra egg & tomato, loaded sweet potato. YUMM
Walking around 4th Street while we wait for the concert.
She definitely had not showered since about 1999. She kept scratching her nasty hair and sending me a big ol' whiff of skanky.
Waiting on Brad Paisley

WHAT a cutie.
Leaving the concert. Perfect date night ;)
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Valentines Day 2011

My valentine :)
Valentines Day bouquet.
Pecan crusted salmon with asparagus and red wine. Delicious. And super easy to make. Well, I say that, but Joey did the cooking. My job was dessert:
Fruit pizza. Seriously the most delicious desert in the world.
This year I decided to make it a tradition to write Joey a poem every Valentines Day. SUPER cheesy but it was funny and I think it will be fun to come up with a new one every year. The last line was:
"By then we'll be done with Fannie Mae, and you'll be getting better presents for Valentine's Day." Haha.
Joey made me an award and handmade card. In the card he wrote a letter to me. My award says "Wife of the Year." Too bad its only February!!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful day filled with LOVE. I hate when people go on about how its a Hallmark holiday and "if you need a reminder to show your partner you care..." blah. If the whole world wants to set aside a day to celebrate love, then I think thats pretty awesome.


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Hungry for Hummus

So every single day I snack on hummus. 35 calories per serving. Low in sodium. No cholesterol. No preservatives. All natural. Delicious.
I usually have to buy it about once a week. So tonight I go to the grocery and it is nowhere to be found. I have 3 people try and help me. I called my husband and made him dig my last jar out of the recycling bin because I couldn't remember the brand name. I made them search the back. Nothing. They tell me that the Kroger across town is having a grand opening tonight and maybe they have it. So, I brave the cold, wind and snow, otherwise known as: The 5th Great Blizzard of '11 and drive across town.
Again, no hummus. They have a lovely display of every other single type of hummus you could find, but not my delicious hummus. Talk to customer service, he doesn't know what I'm talking about. Make him call the manager, manager says if they have it it would be in the hummus display. Make customer service walk around store with me. No hummus.
If anyone comes across this wonderful product, buy yourself a few! Apparently they are now hard to find!
I will keep you all updated with my hummus searh!
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Spending my night with these 2 cuties.

We are babysitting our nephew Matthew tonight. He couldn't decide if he would rather read or watch Toy Story again.
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