Are you all ready?

To meet my awesome friend Catherine?
Catherine started her own blog, found here.
Cat moved to the big city, (the real big city: NYC). If you follow her blog, you may get to live vicariously through her as she shares with you how she frequently sees hot celebrities on the street. Who would be the hot celebrity you would want to see? You probably were thinking she saw someone hot, but relatively not that exciting right? Someone like:
Now, don't get me wrong, he is nice to look at it, but when she reminded me who he was, she said, "Remember Sweet Home Alabama?"
Now, what if I was to tell you, she was trapped on a train with none other than our 2011 Oscar Host? Now, that was an exciting phone call. Including a too long...completely normal conversation about whether I would have forgotten my marriage vows and asked Mr. Franco to follow me back to my apartment. The consensus was obviously no...followed by nevermind, YES.

Now, if that isn't enough to convince you go follow Kitty, maybe this will convince you. I lived with Catherine for two years in college, and during those years I got to see first hand her ability to find amazing things/create amazing things/be awesome. She always finds hilarious youtube videos, great new songs, has been known to create fake wedding invitations for me that may or may not have hung on my dorm mirror until I met Joey and it was a little embarrassing, she someone made this:
into a life long inside joke.
Enough reasons to follow her yet? You need one more?
OK well luckily I saved the best for last. You may remember my obsession with Kim's pajamas. Well, trust me when I say I spent way longer than I should have searching the internet for these doll babies. Yet, I had no luck. So please explain to me how about 20 minutes after my second plea for help did Catherine send me this link???
She found my Kimmie K PJ's!!! Whoop Whoop! Now unfortunately they are no longer selling them, but I will definitely be checking the Victoria's Secret website obsessively to see if they bring them back. I may or may not send customer service some desperate begging emails. I've been known to do that.

So, I hope you will head on over to Ivory Aphrodite and follow Catherine!


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  1. I love you so much! And not just because of this post. Hope you can find the pajamas soon! Btw, I was actually more excited to see Josh Lucas than James--good thing we won't have to fight over the same man =)