Hungry for Hummus

So every single day I snack on hummus. 35 calories per serving. Low in sodium. No cholesterol. No preservatives. All natural. Delicious.
I usually have to buy it about once a week. So tonight I go to the grocery and it is nowhere to be found. I have 3 people try and help me. I called my husband and made him dig my last jar out of the recycling bin because I couldn't remember the brand name. I made them search the back. Nothing. They tell me that the Kroger across town is having a grand opening tonight and maybe they have it. So, I brave the cold, wind and snow, otherwise known as: The 5th Great Blizzard of '11 and drive across town.
Again, no hummus. They have a lovely display of every other single type of hummus you could find, but not my delicious hummus. Talk to customer service, he doesn't know what I'm talking about. Make him call the manager, manager says if they have it it would be in the hummus display. Make customer service walk around store with me. No hummus.
If anyone comes across this wonderful product, buy yourself a few! Apparently they are now hard to find!
I will keep you all updated with my hummus searh!

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