Valentines Day 2011

My valentine :)
Valentines Day bouquet.
Pecan crusted salmon with asparagus and red wine. Delicious. And super easy to make. Well, I say that, but Joey did the cooking. My job was dessert:
Fruit pizza. Seriously the most delicious desert in the world.
This year I decided to make it a tradition to write Joey a poem every Valentines Day. SUPER cheesy but it was funny and I think it will be fun to come up with a new one every year. The last line was:
"By then we'll be done with Fannie Mae, and you'll be getting better presents for Valentine's Day." Haha.
Joey made me an award and handmade card. In the card he wrote a letter to me. My award says "Wife of the Year." Too bad its only February!!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful day filled with LOVE. I hate when people go on about how its a Hallmark holiday and "if you need a reminder to show your partner you care..." blah. If the whole world wants to set aside a day to celebrate love, then I think thats pretty awesome.



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