Cats & American Idol

After Kentucky's win last night, let me share with you my excitement of last week.
Can you tell its Josh Harrellson? A coworker and I ran into him speaking at a school last week.
Go Big Blue!

In other news:
I am loving American Idol this season. Mainly because Steven Tyler is the.coolest.person.alive.
And I love J.Lo. Except I don't like her clothes. I think she dresses a little too young.
Did you all watch last night??? Paul McDonald was amazing. Really the only one who did well, in my opinion. Casey Abrams was good. But whew Paul. I voted over and over again.
I told Joey not to delete it so I could keep watching it. He is my new Lee Dewyze. When Lee sang "You're Still the One" I wouldn't delete it until after the finale. Obsessive much?


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  2. I am OBSESSED with Steven Tyler. I wish Simon was still on it though, I'm missing him a lot. Can you imagine if the two of them were on it together? It would make for incredible television. Of the guys, I like the beards (Paul and Casey) and Jacob Rupaul Lusk. Of the girls, I like Thia, Lauren, and Pia. I'm on the fence about Kendra, Haley, Naima and Ashton. I think Stefano and Clint will probably make it on the guys too. I still feel like a girl will probably win though. Hope the rest of America agrees with me! ;p Wish I could watch it with my favorites