The Scenic Route

Everyday I am thankful for a job with pretty drives. Even if it is a winding curvy road about 5 ft wide that would send me flying off a cliff with one wrong move ;) Imagine this in the summer!

I'm convinced Joey could go on Wheel of Fortune and win enough $ for me to live my life as a lady of leisure. Because we play along every night like we are 80...and I suck at it, but he is awesome.
_ _ _ _ _ E

Wiggle Room.
I just can't think that fast.
I might also sign him up for Jeopardy.

Tonight we went on a long walk & it was lovely.
Maybe the weatherman will be wrong about tomorrow and the rain will hold off for 75 and sunny.
Especially since I am taking a half day and will be off at 12. Holla!

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