Spring Wreath

This weekend I went home and my mom and I made a wreath for our front door. I had been wanting a wreath with yellow flowers for awhile now, but was not interested in spending a lot of money. We went to Hobby Lobby to pick out our flowers and berries. Luckily we went on a week when Floral was 1/2 off!
I think the wreath was only $4.99. We started by cutting stems off of the bouquet. Then we went in a circle and placed the stems into the wreath.
I think the stems would have stayed in place, but to be safe we went around with a hot glue gun and secured them.
We thought about cutting smaller pieces of the berries off and putting them all around the wreath, but decided it would look better to have them grouped together on one side.
Next, we glued the "L" onto the bottom of the wreath. I hope the glue will be enough to hold it, but I wish we had thought to buy some wire to secure it as well. The "L" was $3.99.
Finished product:
Yay! I love it and now my new hobby is wreath making. This was probably not a very good "how to" post...sorry about that! This cost about $15 total.

Who is excited for the Bachelor finale tonight?!

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