Talk of the Town

or maybe just the neighborhood.
My doll baby pups have had a confusing time lately. Yesterday I put Chauncey and Blue outside to play. Imagine me, walking past the kitchen window and I see:
Chauncey (This is his embarrassed face)


Little Blue!!!
If you can call it that. More like crouching over her and humping her. (Did we just enter inappropriate territory for blog conversation?) Trust me when I say it was traumatic for all involved.
I gasped, ran outside and stopped it. Blue ran up to me and inside.
I think she was thinking, "Mom? Whats going on? Why was my brother doing that??"
Chauncey knew he was in trouble, he wouldn't even come up on the deck. I yelled for Joey and Joey went outside and spanked him and told him "Bad!"
I think Chauncey was thinking, "Mom?? I'm embarrassed. I know your mad at me but I didn't know I was doing anything wrong"
And I think he was crying. He doesn't like to get in trouble. Did I mention I was crying...hysterically. I was so sad thinking Blue was hurt and I hate for Chauncey to get in trouble. After Joey yelled at him he went and sat in the corner of the yard by himself. It was a sad sight.
Blue is fixed, so at least we don't have to worry about that.
Needless to say, we will be keeping an eye on those two until this is over.

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