why i love my husband.

Joey was a little jealous of my long post dedicated to Catherine.
I promise I didn't make his short & sweet for lack of good things to brag about ;)
Mush Alert:

10 Reasons I am Loving My Husband right.this.second.

He always cleans the house & then if I don't immediately comment on how nice it looks he says something to bring it up.

The other day I found a Target giftcard in the parking lot of DSW. I immediately called to find out how much it was worth ($15 Hayyy) and booked it on over to Target. When I called to tell Joey about my good fortune, there was a long pause and he said that maybe I should pay with cash so they couldn't trace the stolen giftcard back to my credit card. Really? Because that happens.

He always spoons with my every night before we go to sleep, no matter what.

When its cold he will get up and start my car or clean it off in the winter.

He always cooks dinner for us.

Every time he sees a Kroger he stops to see if they have my hummus.

His potty mouth. Gosh how many F bombs are you going to drop over there watching American Idol??

He has what I like to call his old black lady face. You don't know when its going to strike, but when it does I love it. He just did it without realizing it, thats what made me think of it.

He does a devotional with me every night before we go to sleep.

This doll baby face.
(Ignore me circa 2007 with my brunette phase...I just love this picture of him).

And one to grow on:
He text messages my mom.

Speaking of, it is my momma's birthday today.
Happy Birthday Mom!

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  1. Aw Joey was jealous. If only he knew how much you've mushed about him when he's not around over all these years you've been together. And I liked your brunette phase in the beginning when it was pretty dark like in that pic! Number 8 is on my list of why I love him too btw. Love you!