Channeling Haley

I took some inspiration from Haley from A.I. today for Keeneland.  I think she is the cutest thing ever, and has the best voice.  I have been listening to her version of "Benny & the Jets" on repeat.  If anyone wants to know where to get the real version of her outfit, The Possessionista did a post about it.  I love that girl...(The Possessionista and Haley!)

Heres hoping I don't get sucked into a tornado and am able to post about Easter tomorrow!
Here is Joey and I last year during the annual Easter Egg Hunt.  I'm praying for good weather.  Although I hear that on years it rains Joey's Mema makes everyone sit in a circle and she chucks Easter eggs at you for about an hour.  So that could be fun too ;)

Hope you all are spending Easter in sunny weather and with your families!


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