Easters Past

Easter 2011.  
This is the only decent picture I took.  It rained and we didn't get to do the Easter Egg hunt.  I would show you pictures but I didn't get to take any because after I tried to take one I got hit with a flying Easter egg.  Lets just say it was a long day and move on to more fun Easters of the past ;)
 Easter 2010, with our adorable nephew.
 Easter 2009, full on Easter egg hunting mode.
 Easter 2008, I found the "Lucky Egg"
 Easter 2007.  Possibly the most ridiculous picture of Joey, ever.  But this sums up the annual Easter Egg hunt pretty well.  So bummed we didn't get to do it this year!

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter.  I am so thankful Easter is not really about eggs and bunnies, but my Savior!

Tomorrow: My obsession with Water for Elephants, the circus & wishing I could dress like I lived in the 1920s & 1930s.

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