We had a meeting at work the other day and started by all taking a personality quiz. There were three different personality types: Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla. Then we all had to guess what each other was. I love stuff like this so I thought you all might too. Here are the descriptions:

Like structure, order & tradition. Good manners.
They want clear lines of authority, organizational charts, peace, quiet & solitude.
What drives them nuts: Lack of planning, unexpected change, messy work areas.
Prefer to be rewarded with: money, awards, certificates of achievement, medals.
Like to plan ahead and are able to save for a rainy day.
Dependable, honest, organized, loyal, patient.
May be viewed as opinionated, resistant to change, perfectionist.

Enjoy independence & unrestricted freedom, opportunities for creativity, self discovery & personal growth.
Want to be responsible for themselves, able to do things their own way.
What drives them nuts: Committees, strict rules, inability to use creativity.
Prefers to be rewarded with: Freedom, personal time off, money.
Creative, independent & self sufficient.
May be viewed as self centered, disinterested in the goals & needs of others.

Enjoy warm, friendly relationships, social interaction, teamwork.
They want a sense of belonging, people contact, congeniality & the sharing of feelings.
What drives them nuts: Disagreement, confrontation & misunderstandings, having to work alone, people they perceive as "cold."
Prefers to be rewarded with: Public praise, social events, hugs, thank you cards.
Friendly, comfortable in social situations, kind & compassionate.
May be seen as having their feelings too easily hurt, often feeling left out or mistreated, too "nosey" and getting too involved in the personal lives of others, unable to say no.

What do you all think you are? I wish I could give you all the quiz.
I was Strawberry, with second place being Chocolate. Everyone at work thought I was chocolate, because thats what I mainly act like at work. I have lists taped all over my office walls & I'm really organized.

When I got home I made Joey take the quiz and he knew immediately that I was a strawberry and so did my mom. Joey and I were almost exact opposites on everything. He was closer to being neopolitan because all of his answers were close, but he was mainly Vanilla. I guess opposites attract!!

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