What I'm Loving Wednesday

1. This bikini The Possessionista had on her blog today from 90210.  However, as someone who has no shame in admitting I don't like to spend more than $20 on anything other than my hair color, I will keep looking for a less expensive option.  Sorry DVF!
2.  The long walks we have gotten to go on this week, thanks to the smiling sunshine.  And it looks like right now it is trying to peek back out just for me.

3. My extremely easy work week...and today is my Thursday!  Thank you Good Friday.

4. The motivation I've had lately.  Thank you Spring.

5. Pregnant in Heels.  I am obsessed with this show and want to be Rosie Pope.

6. American Idol night & Modern Family night.  I promise my life doesn't revolve around my television...just around my DVR ;)

7. Someone told me yesterday that I was the most organized and detailed person they'd ever met.  Finally, some recognition ;)

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