Book Club

I am always taking suggestions for good books to read.
I just finished this book by Wally Lamb:
My husband read it first and said it was the best book he had ever read, then he made my mom read it, so I decided to jump on the band wagon and read it too.
It took a little bit for me to get into it.
At the beginning it was hard to want to read it, because you aren't sure what you are waiting on happening.  It is just a really good story of Dominick's life.  But by the time you are about half way through it is a page turner.  This book was one of those books you have in your head and think about all the time.  I bet on "Decisive Moment" at the Derby because it reminded me of Dominick.  I was sad when I finished it.

Yesterday I went to Target and bought:

Since the movie is about to come out (or maybe it already is?) I wanted to read the book first.  Do you all get so much more excited to see a movie if you've already read the book?  I do, but sometimes I get too excited and feel anxious during the movie because I'm worried someone is going to talk and ruin it.  Obviously I have some issues.

Any book club suggestions??

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