Bachelorette Thoughts?

Am I the only one who would have sent William packing?  I told Joey that and he said he was just joking, but I said I definitely would have put him in his place by sending him home!  Poor girl only has a few weeks to find true love, she can't be giving everyone second chances!! ;)


  1. He looks like Josh Lucas and I really thought he was gonna cry a few times because he felt so bad. To be fair, a roast is usually pretty nasty, the ones on Comedy Central are downright demoralizing- she should have known everything was fair game and he was joking! Maybe it was too far, but he felt awful. Bentley and Batman never should have been given a 1st chance, so I question her judgment all together. She wasted a lot of time on two crazies!!

    p.s. I've decided maybe I should stop watching. I'm having way too serious of a commentary on this.

  2. Um....Jess, my silly DVR didn't record! What did he do? I thought he was a total cutie, please don't tell me he is a bad boy.

  3. Chels they did a stand up comedy show where the guys had to roast Ashley and he said something about how he thought he was going there to be with Emily or Chantelle, then I don't think he ever really apologized, he had a little pity party for himself. You need to watch it! ;)