art project

This is a little art project we did yesterday.  All we did was buy two of the same sized canvas at Hobby Lobby, paint them blue, then wrote our little saying in white.  I don't love the blue so it will probably come down, but I wanted to share anyway.  I can't decide what I think about it.  I think I might like it better hanging somewhere other than over our bed.  I wanted it to be in our own handwriting, but now it seems a little too "arts and crafts."  I don't know! What do you all think?  Would I like it better if the blue matched our comforter?
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pretty wedding bands

I am obsessed with Rachel Zoe's wedding bands and Rosie Pope's.  Something about those Bravo girls!  I tried with these pictures, but none of them are super great images.  Anytime these shows are on I always try to get a good look!  I love how they don't seem to really match, and there are multiple rings stacked.  I keep telling Joey I want a 3rd wedding band, but I want to wait until we have kids so it can mean something.  I still love my wedding bands though. They are my favorite!  Just thought I'd share some pictures I've saved in case any one else is obsessed! (I wish these shows would come back on!)

And my beauties:

Pretend paparazzi pic: 

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Nooks and Crannys

I took some pictures of my favorite little spots around our home.  One thing we do a lot of in our decorating is using vintage items and things that have been passed down to us from family members.  I think that makes everything mean so much more.  I hope you enjoy!

Small bar area in our kitchen.  I found this painting at Goodwill!

 Fresh fruit and veggies :)

I love our fridge...we have had so many weddings this summer that until recently it has been covered with shower and wedding invites.  Right now I still have my BFFs Save the Date because it was so cute. (They doubled up their family Christmas card & Save the Date!)  Also Joey's younger brother & sister's high school graduation announcements, a photo booth pic of my Dad and I, and pictures of our nephew.

Joey and I have the same initials, and we showcase that over our entire house.

Over our door we have a vintage horse shoe (for good luck!).  The two pictures hanging in the entry were found in an art store in my hometown.  The left is an artist rendering of the bridge in my hometown.  The bottom print is from the inside of an old hotel that has since been torn down, where many birthdays & proms were spent.  The wreath on the left I made myself!

The side table here was made by my husband.  Not the table itself, but if you can tell, underneath the glass top are wine corks.  Joey cut them in halves and arranged them under the glass.  The ship painting was given to me from my Grandma Edna.  When she and my Papaw were first married, they bought this paint by number kit and painted the ship themselves!  The lamp was given to me by my Aunt Saundra.  When I was in college I was searching for two rustic looking gold lamps and she dug these out of her attic for me.

Wall collage next to our stairs.

My favorite pictures of Joey when he was a little boy.

I don't know why we love these owls so much, but we do.  When I was in college Joey bought these for me at a vintage shop.  Well in college you know you move just about every year and a couple of years after he gave me these we were packing to move.  We went down in my basement where there was extra storage and Joey was so offended to find these little owls had been hidden away in storage for a year.  I promised I would never do that again, so now the little owls live in our entryway!

Place setting in the dining room.

"I need you now and forever" is a line in mine and Joey's song.  One year (Valentines Day I think?) Joey painted this for me.  Its a little worn out by now, but I love it.  It is hanging in our living room under the front windows.  Also, I think there is something so special about someones handwriting.  I'm glad he didn't try to use special printing or something, just his own handwriting.

Our collection of corks.

One of my prized possessions, my Grandma's original printing of Gone With the Wind, the film version they made with pictures when the movie came out.  I got this when she passed away.

"JL" initials again

Hard to see it back there, but that is the champagne bottle we had the night we got engaged.  Joey picked it out because it had a "J" on it.

This dresser is now in our basement and is home to our exercise equipment and puppy supplies.  It was in my bedroom when I was growing up, and if I'm not mistaken, also my mom's when she was growing up.  If you can see what the candle is sitting on, it is a small chalkboard tablet. My Papaw used to carry that to school with him everyday to write on.

The bicycle that the blue book is sitting on is actually a wine bottle rack.  That blue book is what we had in our wedding to write our vows in.  Joey and I wrote our own vows then wrote them ourselves into this book, and used it as my "Something Blue."  My tacky devotion to Elvis is evident in his bust.  I found that at a vintage shop in Lex that has closed...Jonk.

On the bottom of this old piano bench is a quilt hand-sewn by Joey's Mema.

The gold frame used to have a very 80's portrait of my mom and I in it.  We replaced it with this horse print found at the Peddlers Mall.

My little Bluebell.
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Book Club

About a month ago, I went to church and Donald Miller was the guest speaker.  That service was literally the best church service I had ever been to.  I would go so far as to say "life changing."  After the service I bought his book Father Fiction and read it while on vacation.  I would recommend this book to anyone, but especially if you or someone you know had an absent father.  Donald Miller has written other books, including Blue Like Jazz, that I have waiting in my pile of books to read.  

If you would like to watch the church service I attended, you can do that here
(I've already watched it twice!)

Some of my favorite quotes from the book:

"Beauty doesn't make any sense apart from God giving a gift to his children."
pg. 45

"I didn't need manipulation.  I needed affirmation." 
pg. 88

"The most difficult temptation in life is the temptation to react.  Reacting without thinking never, ever works."  
pg. 105

"People who react never sound smart.  Its the people who don't talk who sound smart, the people who don't use a lot of words."  
pg. 107

"If a girl wants a great guy, she has to stop feeling sorry for herself.  A truly strong, hardworking man has no time for a victim.  If you are strong and choosy, if you have a vision for your life, he will sense in you someone to partner with."
pg. 126

"Self-assurance is beautiful.  A choosy girl is beautiful.  Intelligence is beautiful.  A girl who isn't begging to be loved is beautiful.  A woman who loves God is beautiful.  A woman who does not manipulate men with her appearance is beautiful."
pg. 127

"You either get better or get bitter. The choice does not belong to fate, it belongs to you." 
pg. 162
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Family Vacation

As promised, here are some pictures from our family vacation in South Carolina.  It was so relaxing...I love not having anything to do, being able to sleep without an alarm, having time to read...I am not looking forward to re-entering the real world tomorrow and going back to work.  

This is Fort Sumter...where the first shots of the Civil War were fired.  Still unsure about which side fired them.

Joey and I right before we got on the ferry to take us to the Fort.

Driving into Charleston again.

I was obsessed with the architecture in downtown Charleston.  My parents took a carriage tour and said that if you live in this area you have to have permission to do any work on your house...there are approved colors to use, etc.  They said even if your house caught on fire, you weren't allowed to start over, you had to work with what was left.

My dad and I.  This is the outfit I was wearing when a homeless man walked past me and told me "That don't match." Really?  He didn't know who he was talking to.

The cutest boy in the world:

With my sister and Grandma at a restaurant called Fleet Landing.

I love her.

The whole fam:

Snuck away for a date night:

Had the restaurant all to ourselves:

Managed to work in the state capital:

Rainy day so we played Phase 10.  I won, obv.
Of course, we couldn't miss Emily's tell all interview on The Bachelorette.  Did anyone else think she looked like she'd had some work done??  Her face did not move!

And last, I'll leave you with this pretty pictures.  Do you see how swollen my bottom lip is??  Dumb me didn't put sunscreen on my lips the first day and burnt my poor lip.  It was soooo swollen I could barely eat.  Don't let this happen to you!

I'm so thankful I got to spend a whole week with my family...I'm very blessed.  However, I've crossed Charleston off possible places I'd like to is too damn humid!
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