art project

This is a little art project we did yesterday.  All we did was buy two of the same sized canvas at Hobby Lobby, paint them blue, then wrote our little saying in white.  I don't love the blue so it will probably come down, but I wanted to share anyway.  I can't decide what I think about it.  I think I might like it better hanging somewhere other than over our bed.  I wanted it to be in our own handwriting, but now it seems a little too "arts and crafts."  I don't know! What do you all think?  Would I like it better if the blue matched our comforter?


  1. I LOVE the concept of these signs, but I believe the reason you don't love it is because the blue is too 'clean' for the color of your room (I am guessing based off of the color of your comforter). Super easy mistake that I have done way to many times :) I think if you took a color from your room and matched it for the background, you would love it. Just my 2 cents :)


  2. I love this. SO sweet.
    Love your blog too. :) xx

  3. New follower and I love this idea! It's so sweet! :)