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About a month ago, I went to church and Donald Miller was the guest speaker.  That service was literally the best church service I had ever been to.  I would go so far as to say "life changing."  After the service I bought his book Father Fiction and read it while on vacation.  I would recommend this book to anyone, but especially if you or someone you know had an absent father.  Donald Miller has written other books, including Blue Like Jazz, that I have waiting in my pile of books to read.  

If you would like to watch the church service I attended, you can do that here
(I've already watched it twice!)

Some of my favorite quotes from the book:

"Beauty doesn't make any sense apart from God giving a gift to his children."
pg. 45

"I didn't need manipulation.  I needed affirmation." 
pg. 88

"The most difficult temptation in life is the temptation to react.  Reacting without thinking never, ever works."  
pg. 105

"People who react never sound smart.  Its the people who don't talk who sound smart, the people who don't use a lot of words."  
pg. 107

"If a girl wants a great guy, she has to stop feeling sorry for herself.  A truly strong, hardworking man has no time for a victim.  If you are strong and choosy, if you have a vision for your life, he will sense in you someone to partner with."
pg. 126

"Self-assurance is beautiful.  A choosy girl is beautiful.  Intelligence is beautiful.  A girl who isn't begging to be loved is beautiful.  A woman who loves God is beautiful.  A woman who does not manipulate men with her appearance is beautiful."
pg. 127

"You either get better or get bitter. The choice does not belong to fate, it belongs to you." 
pg. 162

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