Fried Pickle Tears

This is my husband's fb status right now:

At Roadhouse with wifey. In the parking lot I rolled her hand up in the window, she proceeded to go cry in the bathroom and I felt like an ass, 5 minutes later they bring the fried pickles out and she literally chokes on the first one...and I can't help but laugh (once I knew she was ok of course) husband of the year!
(Picture not taken at Roadhouse, but I thought it was still appropriate)

So, Joey and I went to Texas Roadhouse to eat. On the way there I had my window down just a little and my hand hanging out of it. As we pulled into the parking lot, Joey started rolling it up, not realizing my hand was there. He rolled it all the way up and smashed it! He didn't realize why I was screaming. We went in the restaurant, and when we sat down I couldn't help it I just started tearing up. I guess I have a very low pain tolerance. I had to go to the bathroom to pull myself together. He felt terrible and that just made me want to cry more. Our poor waiter probably didn't know what was going on because I wouldn't look at him then I disappeared into the bathroom forever. In hindsight I don't think it really hurt that bad, I think it just caught me off guard.

Fast forward to 5 minutes later. Our fried pickles get to the table. (I know, they are bad!!) I take a bite and literally start choking. Those damn pickles are just so good I think I was excited for my second bite and got ahead of myself! Joey just stared at me, I literally thought I was going to die. I thought my throat was going to close up. (I guess I was confusing choking with an allergic reaction?) To make it even worse a table of 8 was getting up right next to us and kept looking at me. Finally I managed to cough it back up. (Gross, full disclosure!) So again, I want to start crying. Luckily Joey made me laugh or we would probably just have had to go on home.

So that was my night!! Packing for vacation now!! We head down to the beach tomorrow. 


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