Red Lipstick

After being inspired by this picture on pinterest, I decided to brave the red lipstick.  I liked it!  I really do wish I was a girl who wore it everyday.
I went to dinner tonight with one of my favorite friends.  Don't you just love girlfriends who you can go months without seeing then pick right back up where you left off?

Now Joey and I are having what we called Operation: DVR
Joey has become obsessed with the Golden Girls and our DVR is about to stop recording anything new!
Pretty cool stuff going down over here ;)
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Closet Perfection

I literally can't think of a room that would make me happier.  Unless maybe in the corner of this one there was a table with food and wine on it.

Wouldn't this fit in nicely?
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Kim Wedding

Happy Wedding Day to my girl Kim Kardashian!!
Also, I want you all to know I came thisclose to tagging her in a facebook post, but decided to save my reputation and just write a blog about it instead.
That was a close one ;)

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the sweetest face.

Doll Baby!

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Lights Out

My friend Tara is living with us for a few weeks until she moves across the world from me to be a missionary in HAITI!  I am so excited for this opportunity for her, but SO sad for myself.  I told Tara I was 98% happy for her and 2% sad, then my mom corrected me and said we are 100% happy for her and 100% sad for us!  My mom loves Tara too!  Tara and I have been friends for 15 years and she is one of about four people that I talk to every single day.  So needless to say it is going to be tough without her!!
Last night we had a little best friend date night and went to see Crazy Stupid Love.
Aside from what there are no words for...
I really liked Steve Carrell's wardrobe for this movie.

While we were in the movie we could tell it was storming.  When we got out of the movie we came home to no electricity.

Our candelabra chandelier came in quite handy!
 Sequence by candlelight!  I was just mad we were out of wine!
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good wife alert

In keeping with my Wife of the Year status:

I have (so far) cooked every single night this week!  Woo hoo!  And every night included vegetables!  Double whoop!  Tonights meal was enjoyed outside in this beautiful weather that has decided to finally give us a break from the heat.  Yummy crab cakes, broccoli and fresh corn and tomatoes from Pa Ted's farm.

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taking the long way

Today my GPS decided to take me a different route than I am used to, but I went with it and I'm glad I did!  (I am also thankful I didn't get rear ended by another driver while stopping to take these pictures)
Enjoy beautiful Kentucky:

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The End of Wedding Season '11

 Last night was our last wedding of the summer...  

I wore all Monet jewelry.  I saw this bracelet a few months ago, but couldn't bring myself to spend that much on costume jewelry...well my patience paid off because yesterday I got all of this on sale, for about $30 total!  I love the art deco look.

Joey and I had a little too much fun in the photo booth:

(Notice our pictures get progressively more inebriated...)
Happy Sunday!
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Online shopping...Help!

Hey everyone,
I am not an experienced online shopper, but my friend really wants this dress to wear to a wedding so I thought I'd make a blog about it and see if anyone can help!  It is sold out on its website (modcloth) but I thought maybe someone could help find it somewhere else!
The dress is named "Dot Necessarily" and we need it in a Medium or Large.
Thanks guys!
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