Lights Out

My friend Tara is living with us for a few weeks until she moves across the world from me to be a missionary in HAITI!  I am so excited for this opportunity for her, but SO sad for myself.  I told Tara I was 98% happy for her and 2% sad, then my mom corrected me and said we are 100% happy for her and 100% sad for us!  My mom loves Tara too!  Tara and I have been friends for 15 years and she is one of about four people that I talk to every single day.  So needless to say it is going to be tough without her!!
Last night we had a little best friend date night and went to see Crazy Stupid Love.
Aside from what there are no words for...
I really liked Steve Carrell's wardrobe for this movie.

While we were in the movie we could tell it was storming.  When we got out of the movie we came home to no electricity.

Our candelabra chandelier came in quite handy!
 Sequence by candlelight!  I was just mad we were out of wine!

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  1. Goodnessss, he was just too much perfection in that movie. Mmm, mm, mm!!