Red Lipstick

After being inspired by this picture on pinterest, I decided to brave the red lipstick.  I liked it!  I really do wish I was a girl who wore it everyday.
I went to dinner tonight with one of my favorite friends.  Don't you just love girlfriends who you can go months without seeing then pick right back up where you left off?

Now Joey and I are having what we called Operation: DVR
Joey has become obsessed with the Golden Girls and our DVR is about to stop recording anything new!
Pretty cool stuff going down over here ;)


  1. Love the lipstick! Do you get just blonde highlights? Trying to figure out what to tell my hair dresser to get your hair.:) Love it!

  2. Cute! Red lipstick is a favorite of mine. :)

  3. Thanks! Yes I get blonde highlights...I go extra heavy on the blonde around my face. If you're in the Lexington area, let me know, I LOVE my hairdresser! :)