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Our Friday Night

Have a great weekend!
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Some quotes from my pinterest page:

My friend Catherine stayed with us the past 2 nights...she was in town from Baltimore.  I took the day off work on Friday and Cat, Joey and I went out to lunch and around town.  Friday night Catherine cooked dinner for us...lasagna and it was delicious!  I love having a friend who will cook whatever I want and foods I never eat because I don't know how to make them.  And now Joey and I have lasagna to last us for days! :)

Tonight we are going to our friends T&M's house to watch the UK game and grill out while the weather is still nice.  
Happy Weekend!

p.s. if you want a good laugh, read Joey's latest blog post...I thought it was funny!
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Big Day in the Bluegrass

Today in WILDCAT COUNTRY football season is well underway as the University of Kentucky Wildcats are ready to play the University of Louisville (also KY!) Cardinals in a few short hours!  I love football and basketball season in Lexington.  As soon as you leave your house you can feel the excitement in the air!  Everywhere you go is a Sea of BLUE!
Joey is playing in a tennis tournament right now and as soon as he gets back we are heading to campus to tailgate with all of our friends.


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he just keeps getting better...

First a poem and now this?  Reason #3,452 why I love Joey:
Last night we are in bed, in the dark, trying to go to sleep:

Me: I'm cold, I can't sleep when I'm this cold, its freezing.

       Joey: In the complete dark, doesn't say a word, gets out of bed, goes and 
      gets a pair of his big socks and then physically puts them on my feet.

Gosh, I love him!

p.s. i know i'm a weirdo for putting engagement pictures up with my photographers copyright on them, but its all i have and i do what i want! ;)
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Quick Change

We took this ugly guy from this:

to this:

Isn't he cute now?  A little spray paint goes a long way!!  I am in a white phase and personally am loving all things white white!


In other news...
Happy Labor Day!
I am so eternally blessed to have a normal "9-5" job.  For 2 years after college I worked retail hours and was miserable.  I've had my current job for over a year now, and have not lost the gratitude I have.

  Tomorrow I will be taking our little owl friend and a few other things to our Peddlers Mall booth.  For those of you who haven't heard of a Peddlers is basically a flea market where you can rent out a space and sell whatever you want.  Joey and I have had ours for almost a year.  For awhile both of our families were just giving us stuff they wanted to get rid of and having us sell it.  We of course did it, because we made money with their stuff, but it wasn't what we had in mind.  Now that they have calmed down a little bit and aren't unloading stuff on us every time we see them, Joey and I have more space to find things we actually like or fix things up and sell them like we had originally planned.
If you are ever in Lexington, stop by the Peddler's Mall on New Circle Rd :)

I hope everyone is enjoying this Monday (Not often we get to say that! ;)

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My Husband, The Poet

Joey has turned into quite the poet lately!  Last night we were supposed to have a date night and I ended up having to work until 10pm. 
(Can I just say I love my job...I was "working" by going to a Legends game and hanging out with girls that I work with...and getting paid. Awesome.)
Anyway, I came home to a house that has been cleaned from top to bottom, every single dish has been washed, all of the laundry has been done...and the first sweet poem.
Gosh, I love him!
Then this morning I woke up to this 2nd poem.  All of our friends decided to go to the lake today and I decided to have a "Me Day" and stay home.  Honestly, I am too safety conscious to relax and too much a control freak to have fun on a boat in the middle of water with no cell phone service.  Don't I sound fun?  Haha.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!!
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