My Husband, The Poet

Joey has turned into quite the poet lately!  Last night we were supposed to have a date night and I ended up having to work until 10pm. 
(Can I just say I love my job...I was "working" by going to a Legends game and hanging out with girls that I work with...and getting paid. Awesome.)
Anyway, I came home to a house that has been cleaned from top to bottom, every single dish has been washed, all of the laundry has been done...and the first sweet poem.
Gosh, I love him!
Then this morning I woke up to this 2nd poem.  All of our friends decided to go to the lake today and I decided to have a "Me Day" and stay home.  Honestly, I am too safety conscious to relax and too much a control freak to have fun on a boat in the middle of water with no cell phone service.  Don't I sound fun?  Haha.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!!

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