Family Night Dinner

Wednesday nights I always cook dinner for Joey's 2 younger sisters, Courtney and Caitlyn, Courtney's son, Matthew, and Caitlyn's boyfriend, Josh.  I love having more than just myself and Joey to cook for! Tonight I took some recipes from pinterest, and it was the most impressive meal I've ever made!  Sad, but true...  
Also, I'm a little embarrassed of the picture of my cooking, I couldn't find my camera so my sister in law took a picture on her phone.  But trust me, it was delicious!  

And my sad little least they tasted amazing!


  1. It looks and sounds delicious, Jess!!! When do I get a dinner invite?!

  2. I have totally pinned those bread knots on my Pinterest! They look amazing. I have pinned so many yummy things but I am so busy I never have time to make anything. Were they easy?


  3. Lacey you are welcome anytime!! ;)