Pregnancy Update

Now that I'm pregnant I'm going to use this blog as kind of a baby book, a way to record the important things I want to remember.

Here is my 14+ week update!

How far along: 14weeks 4 days (Every day counts!)

Size of baby: According to the pregnancy app on my phone, baby is the size of a naval orange....4.5 inches and 2-3 oz.

Maternity clothes: I don't officially need them yet, but I have been wearing a lot of leggings just for comfort! I bought my first maternity shirt yesterday at Old Navy...plain white tshirt, I figured I'd definitely need one eventually!

Sleep:  For awhile I was a really light sleeper, but its been better lately.  I do wake up mad if Joey has messed up all of the covers, but thats not necessarily something I'm only doing because I'm pregnant!

Cravings:  I haven't had any.  And I'm not really the type of person to dramatically call something a craving, I just feel in the mood for something.

Symptoms: Nausea and loss of appetite.  Nothing really sounds good to me and I get grossed out really easily.  I almost threw up in Culvers yesterday because the meat was making me grossed out.  Luckily I've only actually vomited  3 times.

Weight gain:  I think only 2 lbs?  I'm going to do better about weighing myself once a week.

Gender:  We don't know yet.  I have an appointment at Baby Belly Spa to find out on Dec. 2nd!  I'll be 16 weeks then so its a little early...hopefully baby cooperates.  If I had to guess I would guess boy, but its not a very strong feeling one way or the other.  Joey would guess boy too.

Due date: May 16, 2012


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