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We find out Friday if we are having a little girl, or a little boy!! We are paying a place called Baby Belly Spa to find out early.  I couldn't wait until 20 weeks!
I can literally not think about anything else.  I can't wait!!  So much is about to change.  We will start the nursery, and know the name of our child.
Also, we are planning a Gender Reveal party for all of our friends.  Joey found the coolest ideas for parties today, I can't wait to share all the details.  Hopefully the baby cooperates and we can see!  We are going to Hobby Lobby later to get some supplies, and I'm going to make a Christmas wreath for our front door.

Speaking of Joey, check out his latest blog post about Black Friday.  I laughed out loud a few times.  All of those things really happened and I never would have thought about them again, he just puts a funny spin on everything.

So Monday night I woke up because I had a terrible charley horse in my leg.  I was seriously moaning in pain.  Tuesday night I could still feel where the cramp was in my leg.  Wednesday morning I woke up and literally limped around the house while I was getting ready.  At work, even though my mom has banned me from ever googling my symptoms, or worse, checking webMD, I decided to look it up.  Well, all it took was seeing the word "blood clot" and I started seeing stars and imagining my funeral.  I called the doctor and they moved my 16 week appointment up to tomorrow so they can check it out.  Hopefully I don't need an amputation!

Finally, let me share some recent iphone pics:
Living room
 Black Friday shopping...the line at Target as I was leaving at 12:30!
 Thanksgiving with friends
 My first baby gift!  From my mother-in-law.

 Ready for Christmas!
My heart melted when I saw these two preshys.  Blue always gives Chauncey kisses and licks his face and this was the first time I've seen Chauncey do it to her.   She was loving it!!
Our new yellow door!
 Sweet card I found that Joey made me for our first Valentines Day together in 2005!
 My sister, mom and me at the Taylor Swift concert.
My sister, mom, me, sister-in-laws Caitlyn and Courtney before the Taylor Swift concert!


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