Baby Boy Gender Reveal Party

So I announced yesterday, we are having a BOY!!!
His name will be...
I cannot wait to meet him!!  Here is a recap of our weekend!!

Friday we had our appointment to see if we are having a girl or a boy.  My guess the entire time was boy.  Even when other signs, like the heart rate were pointing to girl, I just knew it was a little boy!  Joey thought boy the whole time too, until Thursday.  I had my 16 week check-up and the heart rate was on the upper end again.  Thursday night Joey said he had a feeling it was a girl because of that.

We got to Baby Belly Spa at 4:30 and went right back to the ultrasound room.  The baby was sleeping and had his back to us the whole time :(  Luckily his legs were spread apart though and we were able to tell he is a little boy!  Even though when she froze the picture to show us and asked if we could tell, I yelled "Its a girl!"  Guess I need an anatomy lesson!

Friday night we went to dinner with Joey's family and told them our news.  Our name we had picked out for a girl was Vivien (after my beloved Vivien Leigh!)  Our nephew Matthew cannot say Vs so he has had a hard time saying that name.  To tell Joey's family we had them all in our living room and Joey said to Matthew, "Can you say 'Vivien?"  Everyone started yelling "its a girl!" then Joey interrupted them and said, "It doesn't matter if he can say Viven, because its a boy!"  So we tricked everyone!

Since my family lives 3 hours away we skyped them to tell them.  They were all so excited because my side of the family is pretty much all girls.  My grandma was so excited because she already had 4 granddaughters!

The other people we told Friday night were our best friends Tressie and Mike and our friend Kari.  They didn't really give us an option, Tressie said she was going to be sitting in our driveway when we got home.  We are so lucky to have friends who are so genuinely excited for us!  They even watched the ultrasound DVD and oohed and ahhed with us.  When we got home from the ultrasound Friday night Tressie had made us this sign and taped it up outside our house:

Saturday night we had a Gender Reveal Party to tell all of our friends its a BOY!  We had about 18 people at the party.  Again, I am so grateful for friends who came and participated in all of the games we made up and were so excited to find out!  We are very blessed.

One of the games we had was our "Old Wives Tale"game.  Each guest got to ask me an Old Wives Tale question and based on my answer we put a bottle on the girl or boy side.  Some of the questions were:
Have your hands been chapped or soft during the pregnancy?
Has the husband put on weight during the pregnancy?
Do you crave the heels of the bread or the middle?
During the pregnancy have you been crabby or happy?
Silly questions but it was so fun!!
After the game.  Looked like we were having a girl!

We also had guests choose from mustaches or pink lips to make their baby guess!

After the game we let everyone pick out their mustache or lips and we took a group picture:

For the big reveal we blew up pink and blue balloons.  Each balloon had a paper in it that said "Its a ???" and there was one that said "Its a BOY!"  Everyone was rushing to pop the balloons and see if they had the reveal paper. 

For refreshments we had PINK berry beer and BLUE moon!  And I forgot to take a picture but we also had pink and blue cocktails made with food coloring and pink lemonade.
Another game was to let people vote on the middle name, then at the end of the night Joey announced which name everyone liked.  We are definitely naming our son Shepherd, but we can't decide on a middle name.  I like Nash, Joey likes Rowen and we also liked the middle name Lake.  What do you think!?
Finally, we let all of our friends make their guesses on Shepherd's Stats!!
Joey before the party with his guess:
 Me with my guess.  Mother's intuition!!
Us with Tress and Mike
 Our friends Lindsay and Matt are pregnant with a boy too! 



  1. So exciting!!! Congratulations to you and Joey!

  2. Cute party! I love the beer idea. It's funny that one of your name choices was Rowen...that's my nephew's name :)