bathroom makeover.

My sweet husband is just the handiest (sp?) man I've ever met :)  He and another one of our friends decided to take on remodeling our bathroom on their own.  What would have most likely cost us 
$7-8,000 (!!!) we did in less than $1,000!!  You can't beat that!!  Also, we are very lucky to have a friend (Whisman) who willingly stayed up to all hours to get our bathroom done.  

Here are before pictures.  These were taken before we had moved anything in. (Notice the sketchy green curtain in the background of the 2nd picture).


Unfortunately they were surprised to find many layers of floor that took longer than expected to get rid of.  We also found some mold and mildew (see that black floor behind Joey?) and they had to completely replace to floor boards to get rid of it.  Thankful that is gone now!

And finally...AFTER!!

 I am obsessed with this new tile!!

 Joey overruled my rule that states pets are not allowed to outnumber people and insisted on buying fish. The beta's name is Castle (after Rick) and the two goldfish are known only as The Golden Girls.
People seem to be most impressed with this new vanity.  I wish I had a before picture of it!! I was mildly embarrassed when Joey did this, but our neighbor about 4 houses down put this vanity out of the curb for the trash!  It was just a typical wood vanity.  Well Joey wanted it and my mom was in town so the two of them walked down the street and carried it back to our house.  I now refuse to make eye contact with those neighbors...JK I have no shame. I wish they could see it now!  Joey sanded it and painted it black, put on new knobs and changed the doors!  They would be begging for this vanity back!  So this beautiful vanity was free!!

 Tile: Lowes 
White Cabinet, rugs, shower curtain: Target 
Vanity: taken from the neighbors trash
(one man's trash is another man's treasure! ;)
Silver picture frame, goldfish bowl: Marshalls
Black mirror: Garden Ridge
Magazine rack, black J&L, cotton ball jars, white pitchers: We already had them and I think they are all thrifted except for the JL

Hope you all enjoyed our bathroom makeover!

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  1. That looks awesome!!! I'm loving that tile too!