Pregnant in the '80s

I wanted to share some pictures of my mom when she was pregnant with me in 1985.  I'm so thankful the styles have changed ;)
My sister texted these to me last week.  I can't wait to be home at Christmas and look at more.
Seeing those pictures reminded me of why I have a blog.  How cool would it be if my mom had a blog when she was pregnant with me?  I just like documenting everyday normal things, they will be fun to look back on later!  Plus I would definitely forget about so much if it wasn't written down.

How funny is this outfit!?  My mom said it had a little flap in the back so you could go to the bathroom.  I asked if she still has it...looks pretty comfy and convenient! 
 She was probably 9 months here...about to pop since I was due on Dec. 30th!

Not going to lie, I wouldn't mind to own a muumuu!
My sweet dad in the hospital.  I can't get over what he is wearing. Is that a tie??

Not sure when these next pictures were taken...I'm hoping after me so that there is hope I'll be skinny again ;)  
My dads legs still look like that, haha!

I'm coming up on 19 weeks, I'll try to do an update!

Hope everyone is getting all of their Christmas shopping finished and able to enjoy some time with their families!


  1. Your momma is one hot (and skinny!!) momma!

  2. I love old photos of my parents! Makes me wonder what they were like back when. Lol The first pic of your mom and the pic of your dad wearing a possible tie, made me lol So funny! :)


  3. hahaa mom would die if she knew you put that first pic of her online!