Quick Thoughts

1. I feel like today (17weeks,1day) has been a big growing day for Shep.  I still don't think I've felt him, but all day today my stomach has felt stretched and like it is growing!  He's my little sweet potato this week =)

2. Feel free to skip #3 because I realize it is not interesting ;)

3. Last month on the 15th I got a text from ATT saying I had used 65% of my data plan.  So I was sooo careful not to go over and barely used 3G at all, only using internet when I was in a network.  Regardless less than 3 days later I got a text saying I was at 90%.  Which was hard for me to believe that if in almost a month I had used 65%, in three days I would use another 25%.  So this month I have been extra extra cautious and only used 3G when I know it will only be a few minutes to look something up.  So after being extra careful, I get a text on the 8th saying I'm at 65%! When last month I wasn't being careful at all and didn't get to 65% until the 15th!  ???  I do not get it.  Also, I always make sure to manually close down my applications or whatever they are called when I'm not using them.  So as soon as I get that text today I call ATT and of course talk to someone I can't understand.  And she tells me I only have 28% left.  How if I just got a text that says I have used 65%, immediately call, and then you're telling me I have 28% left?  Either her math is off or ATT is a big scam artist trying to get me to buy a bigger data plan.  I'm going with scam artist.  Grrrr I hope someone from ATT sees this.  Maybe I'll post it on their facebook wall.

4. Letting that go... :) At least until tomorrow ;)

5. I convinced Joey to read my favorite book in the entire world, my love, Gone With the Wind.  I'm going to read it at the same time so we can talk about it.  I think this will be my 4th time reading it.  I convinced him to do this by bringing it up in July and saying he didn't have to start reading until December.  He should have known I never forget!!  I highly recommend GWTW to anyone!

6. This face literally melts.my.heart.  Look at those baby teeth! On second thought, this may be a face only a mother could love...

7.  I ordered some maternity clothes from Forever21 a few days ago.  Hoping they get here soon. I just wanted some basics to get me started! The bottom picture is called the "Pregnancy Starter Kit!"


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  1. Sheppy the little sweet potato!!! I love it!

    And yes, ATT sucks. I cancelled them two years ago and never looked back.