Shepherd's Nursery Inspiration

We have been busy pinning all types of inspiration for Shep's nursery.  We plan on getting started on it after New Years.  
My #1 inspiration is this picture:

I hate themes.  I want something he can grow into.  That rug! The wall color!  Hot air balloon chandelier!  Precious giraffe!  I literally can't get enough.

We also like this guy, that I am pretty sure we are getting for Christmas:

Also love this alphabet wall:

We are still in conversation about what color crib to get.  I say white, Joey says black.  My argument is that 1. I don't like black and 2. I want to reuse the crib in the future and if we have a girl, I definitely don't like black for a girl.  I like black in plenty of other areas of the house, and I've seen plenty of beautiful nurseries with black cribs, but for my nursery I like white!

Also, can I say again how much I love this girl.  She started a pinterest board just for our Shep.  Check her out!

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  1. I LOVE the alphabet wall! I'm with you - while I like black generally, I'm not a fan of it for a crib.