So true!!

True story:
I once had a bite of fish, realized it was undercooked and spit it out.  Later that day I checked out webMD to look up symptoms of food poisoning.  After that, I threw up, passed out, hit my head on the toilet and called Joey from the bathroom floor where I stayed until he left work to come make sure I was going to make it.  Then I made him carry me to bed. 
Dramatic much?!


  1. You are so fabulous, even when fake poisoned!

  2. hahhahahahah. You are hilarious. I am the same way. I've always been a bit dramatic. My dad says when i was 4 we were walking beside a pool and I fell and screamed to everyone that he pushed me in and wouldn't talk to him the rest of the day. middle school I had Torticollis, when I googled it, I accidentally googled chronic torticolis and was balling when my dad got home bc my head was going to be tilted .for-ev-er. haha.

  3. Lacey, YOU are fabulous too :) and Chelsea I guess we are just two peas in a pod!!