Sweet potatoes & Cherokees

Remember here when I said Shep was my little sweet potato this week?  Well I'm almost 18 weeks so I wanted to share this pic while its still relevant.  My little boy is just growing like a weed, who knows what food he'll be next week ;)

While at the grocery tonight I saw a bin of sweet potatoes and made Joey take a picture:

It is so surreal that I literally have a baby inside of my body.  Still not sure if I've felt him move yet.  I thought I might have tonight, but I'm just hesitant to say for sure.

That reminds me...
this is my husband:
This past week he had a client in his office and she saw a picture of us on his desk.  She knew I was pregnant and when she saw my picture she said,
"Oh your baby will look just like you, white people don't have dominant genes."
Hahahaha!  It cracks me up how people always think Joey is not white.  He definitely is!  His great grandma was Cherokee Indian so he is naturally tan.  I won't mind if our son looks just like him =)
Anyway, I was reminded of that story because Joey said the woman was crazy.  She told him she was "so close to her son that she felt him kick at 5 weeks."
Haha really?? I'm pretttty sure you didn't!

Hopefully soon I'll feel some movement and not have any doubts that its little Shep!

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