marriage advice.

I've only been married a little over 2 years, so I don't pretend to have all of the answers!  However, I'll take advice on having a long lasting healthy marriage any day and I thought you all might want to hear some tidbits people have passed on to me!

I was working in a Senior Center the other day and there is one couple that goes there.  They are literally the sweetest couple.  I was talking to the wife, Nancy about my pregnancy and I asked her how long they have been married.  63 years.  I love seeing couples who have been together for so long.  I asked her what their secret is and she said "Patience and knowing when to keep your mouth shut."  She was so cute.  She told me about how when they were first married they had to move to Michigan for her husband's job and she cried every day because she was so homesick.  It made me think about how everything is so temporary.  She is looking back on that time now and it seems so long ago.  I need to not sweat the small stuff and trust God's plan for my life.

I keep a note in my iPhone called "Marriage Advice" and write down anything I think I should remember.  At our wedding we had pens and paper on each table at the reception and asked people to share their best marriage advice.  I thought you all might want to hear some of my favorites!

Pray for your husband.  The power of prayer is strong.  Also, its hard to fight with someone who you are praying the Lord grows and prospers.

It is better to be happy than to be right.

Don't "air your dirty laundry."  Don't put down your husband to others or talk to others about problems that should stay between the two of you.  That said, I think you should make your friends people who share the same values and character that you do.  If I do feel the need to talk about something going on with my husband, I only do it with friends who know and love him and won't change their opinion of him based on something I'm venting about.

The Bible says to "respect your husband."  Men need to know you respect them.

Don't put a tv in your bedroom.

Re-read your wedding vows.

Don't contradict each other in public, or in front of your children.  Be on the same page and if you disagree and need to discuss it later, do so in private.

Women set the tone for the home.  Make your home a happy, positive place where your husband and children want to be.

It makes children feel insecure to see their parents fighting.

Men are visual, so make an effort to look nice.

Have fun together and laugh.  I am not a "silly" person, but Joey is the goofiest person I've ever met, so I am when I'm just with him.  He makes me laugh everyday!

What do you all think?  Agreee, disagree with any of these?  What advice do you have?? I would love to hear!!  If anyone has anything to share I'll do another post on this and include your advice.
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You're It! 11 Facts about Me

I've been tagged! The adorable Kylie from the blog Living in a Mitten passed this fun game along to me.  Thanks Kylie!

Here are the rules:

1. You must post the rules. (And link up who tagged you.)
2. Post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post.

3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've tagged.
4. Tag eleven people and link them on your post.
5. Let them know you've tagged them!

So 11 Facts about Moi:

1. I can't sleep if my hair is not in a ponytail and the bed is not made.
2. I would rather stay in than go out.  I'm a homebody.
3. I have to be alone for a little bit every day or I will go crazy.
4. My friends make fun of me for carrying Benadryl in my purse in case anyone develops a sudden allergy.
5. I can't remember the last time I was embarrassed about anything.
6. I like to do things alone, like go to the movies or dinner. I call these "me dates."
7. I'm very messy and I spill food on myself pretty much every time I eat.
8. My two issues I "get up on my soapbox" about are women's right to breast feed in public and being against abstinence only sex education in schools.
9. I want to work for myself one day.
10. Me and my Grandma text each other every day.
11. If I was First Lady, my pet project would be keeping the arts in schools.

To answer Kylie's questions:
Who was your favorite band/musician as a child?
As a child...Reba.  My first concert was her!
What is your favorite restaurant?
Probably Red Lobster.
If you could spend your life living in any other place, where would it be?
The beach!!
Your weirdest dream/nightmare included...I don't really remember my dreams longer than the day after they happen.  But any nightmare I have usually includes me running from a scary man and not being able to scream!
What do you think you will be like 30 years from now?
I'll be 56, so hopefully older and wiser and not yet in need of Botox.
Who is your favorite celebrity?
Kim K
Who is your least favorite celebrity?
Maybe anyone from Teen Mom?  I've never gotten into that. 
If you had to choose a totally different career path, what would it be?
I wish I had gone to school for interior design.
What is your biggest fear?
Big scary men chasing me.
One word that describes you?
What is your favorite thing about blogging.
Have a record of the little moments that I would probably forget otherwise.  I want to have my blog printed into a book at some point to have as a keepsake.

Questions for my tagged bloggers to answer:
1. What was your first job?
2. If you were First Lady, what would your "pet project" be? (Like Michelle Obama's is children's nutrition...)
3. What is the most embarrassing show you always watch on tv?
4. What is your favorite restaurant?
5. Who is your favorite celebrity?
6. Is there any issue you could really "get on your soapbox" about?
7. If you could change your hair color, what would you change it to?
8. Do you get embarrassed easily?
9. If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?
10. What do you call "soft drinks"? Coke, pop, soda...?
11. Describe yourself in one word.

I am tagging:
Sarah of Downtown Southern
Katherine of Just Lovely
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Chelsea of Meant to be Happy
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I heard this quote today.
Makes it hard to hold a grudge when you think about this:

"You will never be asked to forgive someone as much as God has forgiven you."
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honeymoon on a picnik.

Did you all hear that Picnik is closing?  I use that website on occasion to edit pictures, but I never paid to upgrade to the Premium features.  Now that they are joining with Google, they are allowing everyone to use their Premium features for free!  I decided to take advantage of that and edit some of our favorite honeymoon pictures.  They don't close until April, so take advantage of the free features now!

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I am obsessed with this idea from pinterest.  Take a special momento to Kinkos to be blown up and use it as art.  I need to pick something out to use!

This weekend my husband is painting the nursery while I'm out of town at a wedding. I can't wait to see it when I get home!  After its painted he will put the crib together.  Its starting to come together :)

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23 Week Update

Due Date: May 16th.  However, I have officially finalized my guess for his due date and I am going with May 7th, my late grandma's birthday.

Size of baby: Shepherd is the size of a papaya, about 8 inches!
He weighs approximately 1.2 lbs, but I am guessing a little more since at our last visit my Dr. told me he was in the 78th percentile.

Maternity clothes: I'm still wearing my own clothes, but have gone up a size in leggings, which I may or may not wear  I've also gone up a few bra sizes.  Wish me luck because tomorrow I'm shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding this weekend.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute to accommodate this bump...

Sleep: Getting more and more uncomfortable, but this past weekend Joey and I bought a new Queen size bed and memory foam mattress topper, which makes it a little more comfortable :)

Cravings: Still sweets!

Movement:  I felt him move about a week ago and I've felt little movements pretty much every day since then.  I only notice it when I'm being still and usually when I'm sitting.

Weight Gain:  As of 2 weeks ago I've gained 10 lbs, I'll find out again next Friday.  I hate weighing myself.  Baby or no baby, its hard to see that scale movin on up!  Stresses me out worrying if I'm gaining too much or not enough.  But last appt my doctor said I was right on track, so hopefully she will say the same thing next week!

Gender: Boy!  But I just heard about a girl I know who thought she was pregnant with a boy and then had a girl!  Crazy!  I don't think that will happen to us though.

What do you miss:  Being comfortable sitting and being able to sleep on my back.  But overall I love being pregnant!

Name:  Shepherd
I think we have finally decided on a middle name, but I'll keep that under wraps a little while longer...

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mug shot.

I am obsessed with this print of Ol' Blue Eye's mug shot.  I want it in my bathroom.  What makes it even better is that he was arrested on charges of "seduction."
This obsession may or may not have come about because of the marathon sessions I've been having to catch up on this season of Gossip Girl.
The Spectator...anyone?

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Vintage Joey and Jess

Joey found a cd with all of these old pictures and videos of us.  This was probably taken the first week we met, back in 2004.  If my husband isn't the cutest thing I've ever seen then I don't know what is!

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22 w 2 d

Taken by my husband before an exciting Friday night of Red Lobster & buying new sheets for the new mattress we have being delivered tomorrow, followed by Redbox.
I joke, but these are literally my favorite nights.
Trying to soak up all the time I can just me and him until we add our baby boy to the mix!  But I can't wait for that either :)
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Bieber Care

My friend Catherine got me this Justin Bieber singing toothbrush as a joke and I am obsessed.  I don't think I can go back to not hearing Justin's voice sing Baby to me as I brush my teeth.  (Actually it is Baby in the morning and U Smile I Smile at night...)  How else will I know I've completed the required 2 minutes? I hope this thing never dies!
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Joey and I have been working on something for awhile now & hopefully I'll be able to share more details soon...
Here are some inspiring words for today...

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I'm sitting on the couch, with my feet propped up on the ottoman and I just felt movement for the first time!  I paused the tv and just sat with my hand on my belly for 20 minutes.  I couldn't decide how to describe it, but I think the best thing I came up with is that it feels like little carbonation bubbles in my belly.  So excited to know he is moving around in there!  I wonder what he is doing?  I'm so excited for when Joey can actually feel him from the outside.  Right now its just me and him :)

Tomorrow I am officially 22 weeks!  Time is flying by.  We bought the crib this weekend:

I can't wait to have the nursery ready to go!

We also started our registry and I am doing some research on the big items so I know what is best for him.  Does anyone else agree with me that purple is a gender neutral color?  I wanted to purple stroller and Joey wanted green.  I didn't want to warp Shep from the beginning, but purple is the color of royalty!  Plus I will raise him to be a self assured little boy who is comfortable with his manhood!  In my defense, it is a dark purple.  Stroller is still up for debate ;)

For the most part I've been completely disgusted with the selection for babies and nurseries.  Everything is pastel and themed and stupid expensive.  Buy Buy Baby was the worst.  

We also had my family in town this weekend.  I love when they come to Lex!  We went to Texas Roadhouse, church on Sunday morning, Babies R Us to register & had dinner with my uncle's family.
@ Texas Roadhouse:

@ Culver's after church on Sunday:

After making our first big purchase for Shepherd: 

I was 21 weeks 3 days here:

I'll leave you with some funny pics of my dad having fun with my pregnancy pillow!  I love him!

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these conversations happen over here.

Husband: "On a normal person level, not like a Christina Aguilera level, how good would you say my voice is?"
Me: "Between 3-4."
Husband: "Should be at least a 5."


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On my 26th birthday, I woke up to a bouquet of flowers (including my favorite, hydrangea) from my husband, a bowl of my favorite fruit to eat for breakfast, and a magazine with Kimmy on the front.
 When I got to work my office was decked out in birthday decorations :)
I left work at 2, and for my birthday present Joey took me to the mall and I got to buy whatever I wanted.  I picked out this outfit to wear:

  While we were at the mall, Shepherd decided to give me a birthday present and for the first time, I'm sure what I was feeling was him :)  We were walking around and I just felt this pressure on the side of my belly.  It kind of felt like something was pressing against me from the inside.  I've felt little feelings before, but yesterday was the first time I'm sure it had to be him I was feeling.
We went to dinner with a few of my friends at Saul Good.

 And afterwards everyone came over for cupcakes and Catchphrase.

Right now it is almost 7:00, I haven't gotten out of my pajamas all day (my perfect day ;) and we are waiting for my family to get here to spend the rest of my birthday weekend with us.

Cheers to 26!
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let them eat cake!

After all, today is my birthday :)
I have good feelings about this one.

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