I'm sitting on the couch, with my feet propped up on the ottoman and I just felt movement for the first time!  I paused the tv and just sat with my hand on my belly for 20 minutes.  I couldn't decide how to describe it, but I think the best thing I came up with is that it feels like little carbonation bubbles in my belly.  So excited to know he is moving around in there!  I wonder what he is doing?  I'm so excited for when Joey can actually feel him from the outside.  Right now its just me and him :)

Tomorrow I am officially 22 weeks!  Time is flying by.  We bought the crib this weekend:

I can't wait to have the nursery ready to go!

We also started our registry and I am doing some research on the big items so I know what is best for him.  Does anyone else agree with me that purple is a gender neutral color?  I wanted to purple stroller and Joey wanted green.  I didn't want to warp Shep from the beginning, but purple is the color of royalty!  Plus I will raise him to be a self assured little boy who is comfortable with his manhood!  In my defense, it is a dark purple.  Stroller is still up for debate ;)

For the most part I've been completely disgusted with the selection for babies and nurseries.  Everything is pastel and themed and stupid expensive.  Buy Buy Baby was the worst.  

We also had my family in town this weekend.  I love when they come to Lex!  We went to Texas Roadhouse, church on Sunday morning, Babies R Us to register & had dinner with my uncle's family.
@ Texas Roadhouse:

@ Culver's after church on Sunday:

After making our first big purchase for Shepherd: 

I was 21 weeks 3 days here:

I'll leave you with some funny pics of my dad having fun with my pregnancy pillow!  I love him!


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  1. I just came across your blog and wanted to say congrats!! Pregnancy is the best and obviously gets better with motherhood. And don't you love that body pillow? Saved me from sleepless nights, that pillow did.