A Happy Girl's New Year

I am so excited to live each day of 2012 to the fullest.  2011 will always be the year we found out we are expecting our first child, a son.  But 2012 will be a great year of change and new beginnings.  
One little example of why I love my Joey so much...I'm thankful for a husband who will sit down and plan out our goals and resolutions for the new year.  We wrote all of them down in my prayer journal.  Goals we have together & goals we have separately.
A new thing we decided to do this year was to have a "buzzword" for ourselves.  We wanted a word to focus on this year, a word that would center us and remind us what our ultimate goal is.  Knowing so much is going to change, and we have so much to learn this year with a new baby, we decided on the word...growth.  We believe life is about always growing and changing.  We want to constantly challenge and push ourselves.  We want to be always evolving and always learning.  Growth: spiritually, emotionally, physically, as a couple and as parents is our goal this year.  I want to look back at 2012 and feel that I was fully present and working on taking all of the changes in, in a positive way.

That said, here is a look back at some 2011 hi-lights!!

Joey completely caught me off guard with a surprise birthday party for my 25th.

 On Valentines Day, I won the Wife of the Year Award.

We went to see Brad Paisley in concert.

My husband was so darn cute I made him pose for pictures.

We celebrated the Kentucky Derby.

We had Family Nights on Wednesdays with Courtney, Matthew, Caitlyn & Josh, and I tried out new recipes.

Joey's little sister Caitlyn graduated from high school.

Along with Joey's little brother, Casey.

We celebrated Joey's 29th birthday, Luau style.

We visited Charleston, SC with my family for vacation.

I went to SC again for my best friend's Bachelorette party.

We saw our best friends get married.

Actually, we saw lots of friends get married...we had a wedding almost every weekend!

We couldn't get enough of these adorable pups.

In September we found out I was pregnant!

And we found out it is a baby BOY!

Now we are just waiting on Shepherd.

Thanks for checking out my little blog, and stay tuned.
Big things are happening in 2012!

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