On my 26th birthday, I woke up to a bouquet of flowers (including my favorite, hydrangea) from my husband, a bowl of my favorite fruit to eat for breakfast, and a magazine with Kimmy on the front.
 When I got to work my office was decked out in birthday decorations :)
I left work at 2, and for my birthday present Joey took me to the mall and I got to buy whatever I wanted.  I picked out this outfit to wear:

  While we were at the mall, Shepherd decided to give me a birthday present and for the first time, I'm sure what I was feeling was him :)  We were walking around and I just felt this pressure on the side of my belly.  It kind of felt like something was pressing against me from the inside.  I've felt little feelings before, but yesterday was the first time I'm sure it had to be him I was feeling.
We went to dinner with a few of my friends at Saul Good.

 And afterwards everyone came over for cupcakes and Catchphrase.

Right now it is almost 7:00, I haven't gotten out of my pajamas all day (my perfect day ;) and we are waiting for my family to get here to spend the rest of my birthday weekend with us.

Cheers to 26!

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