27 Week Update

I am officially 27 weeks today.
Here is the most recent picture I have of my bump, but it was taken a few days ago...when I was 26 weeks and 2 days.

Due Date: May 16

Size of baby: 15 inches, a little over 2 lbs.  He is being compared to a cucumber by my baby app.

Maternity clothes:  I'll wear anything that fits right now!  Still lots of leggings and I moved on up to the XL size!

Sleep: Oh Lord, I'm driving us both crazy!! I cannot get comfortable.  Last night as Joey was almost asleep I woke him up to get me another pillow to put in between my legs.  Then I was really nice and let him almost get to sleep a second time before I woke him up for a 3rd pillow!  Sleep is not happening right now.

Cravings: Chocolate

Symptoms: Back pain back pain back pain, and I get out of breath just bending over...

Weight Gain: Last I checked, 18 lbs.

What do you miss: My back not hurting.

I try not to complain about anything negative about being pregnant.  There are some people on facebook who update their status daily about how hard it is being pregnant.  It is hard, pregnancy isn't for wimps!  But I can't complain when I think about all of the mommas who are throwing up everyday, or whose baby has something unhealthy about them and they would give anything to trade that.  I have a healthy little boy, and I pray he stays that way!  I'm very thankful for being pregnant.

I also found out that I have an anterior placenta.  I was concerned because I always hear people talk about how much they feel their baby move, and I hardly feel Shep move at all.  At least not like I was expecting.  I asked my doctor about it and she said its because I have an anterior placenta.  Basically that means that my egg implanted on the opposite side of the uterus compared to what usually happens.  Because of that, the placenta grows on the front (anterior) with the baby behind it.  So, the placenta is cushioning a lot of Shepherd's movements.   I can feel him, but its more on my sides or high or low on my belly, and not really from the outside.  Which means Joey hasn't been able to feel him :(  I feel a little left out of how exciting that would be and I wish I could feel him more, but I'm just glad that he's healthy!

I'll leave you with some pictures of my husband putting together Shep's crib.



  1. How exciting!!I love the color of the nursery. That crib looks amazing against that color. You are a doll!

    I agree, I try to limit the whiney comments I make to people or updates on facebook.

  2. Wow, you look gorgeous!!! You totally have that mommy glow!

    I'm totally sympathetic to pregnant women. I've never been pregnant so I can't imagine what changes and pains they're going through but.. I think some people take the complaining a little too far when they post on facebook daily about how horrible pregnancy is.

    I'm glad your baby boy is healthy!! That's always fantastic news!

  3. You look amazing! And I love your crib! Where is it from? Great blog! =)

    1. Thank you! It is the Eastside Island Crib from Babies R Us :)

  4. You're beautiful!
    Pregnancy is such a funny thing... SO many good things, so many new things... so many shifts and changes on a daily basis. OY! It's a lot to handle sometimes, but, we can do it :) We were made to do it!

    Thanks for the tip on leggings, I'll have to check them out.

    and ps, one of my babies placenta is the same way, so I feel the other a lot more.
    Sometimes it's hard not to worry or wonder or get a bit jealous of other people stories... but yours is perfect! And your little Shep is going to be such a delight!

    Happy Thursday Pretty Mama,
    Amber Dawn