28 weeks and counting!

I've been on the lookout for a diaper bag, and haven't found any "diaper bags" I love.  I saw this purse at Target and thought it might work as a diaper bag.  But I really have no idea what I'm about to get myself into in less than 3 months.  How is it so close!?  I'm so excited to meet my baby boy but definitely still need some time to prepare!

Here is a picture from yesterday:

28 weeks + 3 days
I literally feel gigantic.

Friday I had my test for Gestational Diabetes.  I won't know my results until later this week, but hopefully I passed.  You have to drink this thick syrup-y drink, in less than 5 minutes.  I am so bad at stuff like that.  I had my timer on my phone going and was stressing out.  The drink wasn't that bad if I had longer to drink it.  After that you wait an hour and then they draw your blood.  Having blood drawn doesn't bother me, but I still don't watch it happen.  While I'm having it done Joey is watching and starts making these faces like something terrible is happening to me because he doesn't like blood.  I asked him if he's going to be ok in the delivery room.  He also always makes faces at me behind the doctors back and I can't keep a straight face.  I'm glad he goes with me to all of my appointments :)

Joey will be such a good Daddy, look at this picture I took of him and our nephew walking around the mall yesterday:

At my check up my doctor said that I am measuring perfectly!  That always makes me feel better when I think I'm as big as a house.   I'm really short waisted so he has nowhere to go but out.  At the appointment we also heard Shepherd's strong little heartbeat.  I could listen to it all day!  

Some 28 week updates:

-- Shepherd is almost as long as he will be when he's born...probably about 17 inches right now.  Now we are just adding fat to his little body because he is only weighing about 3 lbs this week.

-- I've been shopping for more maternity clothes, still trying to not buy a lot and just wear what I have.  Last week I washed the same pair of maternity leggings almost every day, haha.

--I'm feeling him move a lot more now, but still not from the outside because of my anterior placenta.  I hope the bigger he gets the more we will feel him and Joey will be able to feel him move.  Sometimes I'll be feeling him move and when Joey puts his hands on my belly he stops!

-- Text messages like this are common at our house:

Who is excited for the Oscars tonight??


  1. You are THE cutest pregnant lady ever!!

  2. I like the tote, I think that would make a cute diaper bag!

  3. I didn't like the typical "diaper bags" either... and the ones I DID like were a couple hundred dollars. Figures. I bought a few large totes and they have worked out perfectly!

    What a cute belly!

  4. You all have convinced me, I think I'll have to go buy that bag! :)