before & after + our living room through the years

I want to share this before and after with you all.  This is an old stereo.  It actually plays records AND the radio!  So cool!!  It used to be wood and Joey painted it red a long time ago.  Its just been sitting in our garage for two years.  We were trying to decide what to do with it and decided just to see what it looked like behind the couch.  One thing I've learned: You have to actually just put furniture somewhere and see it.  So many times I've thought, "well theres no way this is going to look good but I'll just try it" and then it ends up working!  We didn't like the red, so decided to paint it the same yellow as our front door.



What do you all think?
Joey and I love little projects like this, and it seems like we rearrange our entire living room every few months.  This is the first time we've had our couch actually facing the tv, I think its my favorite arrangement yet.

Here are some photos of our living room over the past few years:

Right when we moved in:
 Back when we had a coffee table:
Got rid of the coffee table:
Then we got rid of the rug:

Added a vintage card catalog:

Moved the couch:
 Moved the card catalog:
Brought in a vintage piano bench:

So thats our living room over the past 3 years.  A couple things I want to curtains, new overhead fan/light, I would love a new rug, but with 2 pups I think hardwood is easier to keep clean.  Its fun to keep switching it up.  Do you all like to redecorate every once in awhile too?

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  1. Old stereo, vintage piano bench and a card catalog!!
    Girl you got style!

    I love rearranging things, and it looks like you two have done a great job with your place. Each new change has been better than the last!

    ps Yes to being tired after bending over! My Hubby laughed when I read to him what you said. He knows I'm pretty independent, so it's funny for him to see me so helpless sometimes. {though he fully understands! praise Jesus!}

    I can't wait to see pics of your little man when he enters the world!